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sinker EDMs

Five-Axis Hard Milling Improves Electrode Accuracy
Fully automated, high-speed hard milling centers saved moldmaker time, money, handwork, allowed wider-range of EDM burns to be achieved.

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 3
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from Heidenhain Corporation, Allied Machine & Engineering, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Precise Tooling Solutions, Progressive Components, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales and DME.

Control Offers Higher Spindle and Axis Dynamics During Manufacturing Process
Heidenhain Corporation launches the Gen 3 version of its high-end TNC 640 control for machine manufacturers and end users looking for forward-thinking manufacturing capabilities.

Heidenhain Corporation Partners with Applied Motion Products, Inc.
In a collaborative effort to support the healthcare industry during the COVID-19 crisis, Heidenhain Corporation is working with Applied Motion Products, Inc. to expedite critical components to a large manufacturer of ventilators.

mold surface

How to Improve Mold Machining with the Right Control Functions
Fine tune machine setup, minimize forces and deviations, improve accuracy, and manage automation with proper control.

Control Technology Includes Features to Create Programs on the Fly
Heidenhain Corp. showcases its latest in control technology, including the TNC 640, a high-performance, mill-turn control with a workshop-oriented operational design.

Heidenhain Corporation Hosts Virtual Five-Axis Workshop
Heidenhain Corporation will host a virtual five-axis workshop on Thursday, April 30 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.

Rotary Series Encoders Ideal for Small Servo Motors and Actuators
Heidenhain introduces an expansion of its small-diameter 1000 and 1100 series rotary encoders with added versions now available with Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ

Noteworthy News: Openings & Expansions
Business is booming for these recent moldmaking supplier companies as they add onto their businesses through building expansions, additions and new openings.

Mitsubishi Electric new SV12P Sinker EDM

MC Machinery Introduces New EDM Machines and More at National Open House
Focus on new EDM technologies and milling strategies shows attendees how they can optimize production.

HEIDENHAIN Opens Cental U.S. Sales Office
Heidenhain announces the opening of a central U.S. sales office as part of the company’s continued North American expansion efforts.

Progressive components at Amerimold 2019

Amerimold Action 2019
Amerimold celebrated 20 years in Rosemont, Illinois, and offered attendees a wide variety of products, programs and pomp.

FZ33 Compact milling machine at Zimmermann Open House event

Machine Tool Builder Stresses New Strategies for Serving Moldmaking Customers
A new facility, new compact CNC and new customer service strategy for moldmaking customers is celebrated at Zimmermann open house.

Zimmermann FZ33 Compact milling machine for moldmaking.

Zimmermann Open House Showcases the FZ33 Compact
Moldmakers who machine a lot of aluminum or composites can benefit by the compact but large capacity milling machine from Zimmermann.

MMT Editorial Team with The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast

Live Show Floor Recap from Amerimold 2019
In the midst of exhibitors breaking down at the close of Amerimold 2019, the MoldMaking Technology editorial team set up shop at the MMT booth to do a live Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, sharing some immediate insight and feedback on this annual event.

Zimmermann FZ40 Compact milling machine at Amerimold 2019

Amerimold 2019: Machining for Moldmaking, Part 2
More highlights from Amerimold with a focus on machining for moldmaking.

National Robotics League 2019 Competition

Battling Robots Continue to Attract Youth to STEM-Based Learning
Heidenhain was a sponsor of the recent National Robotics League’s national competition “where education and mayhem meet.”

Machining Center’s Operational Design Suited for Precision
Heidenhain Corporation will display the TNC 640 high performance mill-turn control with a workshop-oriented operational design and functions for users at Amerimold.

Five-axis workshop demonstrations at Heidenhain Corp.

Five-Axis Workshop Offers Advanced Strategies, New Products and Live Demos
Three companies collaborate to give attendees new approaches for achieving speed and efficiency in rough and finish machining.

Fremont office

Heidenhain Opens West Coast Office
Heidenhain has expanded its motion systems support by establishing an Etel facility in Fremont, California.

plastic bottle and mold

Heidenhain TNC Controls Streamline Mold Manufacturing and Global Connectivity
Five-axis machines with the right controls are a key part of a connected system that yields better, faster work.


Laser Digitizing/Scanning Equipment