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In order to acknowledge all of the amazing content we receive on a weekly basis, MMT has compiled all of its digital-only product/service items below for this month to keep your shop engaged in the latest and greatest products that are being offered in the moldmaking industry. This article covers cutting tools, additive manufacturing (AM), machining, software and inspection and measurement categories.

Some of the companies you will see below:

  • Big Kaiser
  • Tungaloy
  • Walter USA
  • YG-1
  • Seco Tools
  • Mitsui Seiki
  • Arburg
  • OPEN MIND Technologies
  • Hedeinhain

Missing out on the new and proven technologies and services we showcase in our print issues? Head on over here for the March print roundup (which primarily focused on cutting tools) or visit the “Magazine” tab.


  • Teach Yourself Polishing

    Schools for mold polishing do not exist and most veteran polishers don't want to teach the subject, so here are a few simple polishing guidelines.

  • Selection Process for Stainless Mold Steels

    Successful production of plastic components associated with the extrusion, injection and compression molding greatly depends on the mold material selection.

  • Cleaning Molds: Part II

    Even though hand cleaning will never be completely eliminated, ice blasting is an alternative cleaning method that can effectively reduce cleaning time and cost.