A Blueprint for Die-Mold Shop Automation

An increasing number of mold and die makers are considering automation to get better utilization of their equipment and skilled people. While it will take good planning and execution, there is a manageable path to automation that will bring efficiencies to tool shops in ways hardly imaginable only a few years ago.


Five-Axis Machining Centers Promote Flexible Machining Applications

GROB Systems offers its Access Series five-axis machining centers featuring U.S.-built basic models G350a and G550a for almost unlimited application and best machining quality.

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Five Axis Machining

A broad overview of what first time five-axis machine users will need to think about and also what the newest technology offers to existing users.

Trends in Automotive

What's Next for the Automotive Industry? The Editors of AutoBeat explore the industry's transition to one where automotive manufacturing is safer, simpler, more regulated … and possibly reshored.

Top Shops

The Gardner Business Intelligence and Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Program is both an honor for the shops chosen annually, and a benchmarking tool for all who participate. See how your business stacks up.

Practical Approaches to Automation

Automation isn't just useful for large volumes of the same part. Today, it is increasingly being used in machine shops for high-mix, low-volume jobs.


Five-Axis Grinding Center Delivers Flexible Workpiece Processing

United Grinding’s latest product, Mägerle MFP 30, maintains emulsion and oil coolant capabilities and has an integrated tool changer.
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Achieving Flexible Capacity with Automation

This high-mix, low-volume manufacturer embarked on a year and a half program to introduce robotics to its manufacturing process.

Workforce Development

Molding Defects Interactive Training Offered for Injection Molding Engineers

Kruse Training launches its self-paced, step-by-step Molding Defects Level 2 training section for designers, injection molders and process engineers.


Mitutoyo Hosts Live Virtual Trade Show October 2020

The live virtual event will give attendees the opportunity to participate in keynote sessions, live presentations, new product and service demonstrations and virtual chats.


MoldTrax Offers Discounts For Final October 2020 Mold Maintenance Courses

MoldTrax’s certification courses, running October 20-23, 2020, offer a variety of benefits, and will enhance attendees’ understanding of mold maintenance.


Siemens NX Tooling Application 2020 Workshop Transitions to Virtual Event

The virtual-only NX Mold Wizard event will run Oct. 5-6, and the NX Die Wizard event will run Oct. 7-8. It will also be free of charge to participate.


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MMT Chat: From COVID and Tooling Trends to Free Online Education and A New Recycling Venture, The Plastek Group Speaks Out!

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges catches up with the Prischak family who owns The Plastek Group in Erie, Pennsylvania, and who also happens to be the original founder of MoldMaking Technology magazine back in 1997.  

MMT Chat: Making the Argument for a Mentoring Program

What employers need to think about as they reopen post-pandemic to improve employee engagement.

Workforce Development

MMT Chat: Cross-Generational Mentorship: Participants Share Their Journey

MoldMaking Technology takes a broader look at the value proposition of mentoring by launching and completing a pilot mentorship program.

Five Ways to Tackle Tough Mold Design Tasks with Digitalization

Transform static 3D designs into animated 4D designs that simulate motion and interaction of complete mold systems to improve design workflow.  


Two-in-One Grinding and Eroding Machine for Cutting Tool Production and Resharpening

The Walter Helitronic Raptor Diamond achieves short cycle times, improved performance and is  particularly well-suited for shops that do not require automatic tool support systems or automatic grinding wheel/electrode changers.

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Top 10 Topics to Cover During an ISO 9001 Manufacturing Audit

Take a look at this practical hands-on approach to conducting a quality audit.
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AMBA Releases 2020 R&D Tax Credit Use in Mold Manufacturing Report

It is important for mold manufacturers to identify areas where they can reduce overall income tax liability. One such opportunity to is with AMBA’s 2020 R&D Tax Credit Use in Mold Manufacturing Report.


Stellar Mold & Tool Announces Sale of Business

Jeff Stegemeyer, President and owner has announced the sale of Stellar Mold & Tool to local business owner, Jason Lawton.


Heidenhain Announces Opening of Expanded Western U.S. Headquarters

Heidenhain Corp. announced the opening of its newly completed West Coast headquarters.