Surface Treatment

Dual-Function Ultrasonic Polisher Capable of Demanding Polishing, Deburring Task Execution

Giving the versatility of both ultrasonic and mechanical polishing, the PCS Company Ultramax DF unit enables users to polish right up to the wall, or finish to an edge.


OPEN MIND Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of CAM Software Achievements

North American subsidiary reaches important milestone with hyperMILL CAD/CAM system, supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives and formidable consultation and services.

IMTS spark

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Cross-Generational Mentorship

Mentorship can help bridge the great generational divide. This discussion encourages shops to formalize their effort and present resources to help individuals participate in mentorship.

Trends in Automotive

What's Next for the Automotive Industry? The Editors of AutoBeat explore the industry's transition to one where automotive manufacturing is safer, simpler, more regulated … and possibly reshored.

The Plating Insight Series

Products Finishing Editor Scott Francis hosts the IMTS Spark Plating Insights Series Wednesdays through Dec. 2.

Digital Manufacturing

From machine monitoring and machine tool dynamics to out-of-the-box digital tools, discover the digital manufacturing technologies becoming a requirement for competing in the marketplace as well as simplifying and improving businesses.

Maintenance & Repair

Arc Welding System Automates Weld Program Creation

Trumpf has release the TruArc Weld 1000. Equipped with a cobot, the system provides an automated alternative for parts users typically weld manually.

New Orders, Production Register Slowing April Activity

Total new orders for April registered slowing growth while export orders contracted. Much of the expansion in moldmaking orders during COVID-19 has come from domestic demand.
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Maintenance & Repair

Mold Cleaner Line Eliminates Chlorinated Solvents

Reformulation of Slide Products’ Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 mold care line is made better for workers and the environment at an affordable cost. 


Matsuura Launches Metal Additive Manufacturing Production Services 

Lumex technology to produce high-volume mold components for tooling, with reduced lead time, high-precision machining without EDM and minimized mold assembly.


Study Shows North American Manufacturing Is Rebounding from a Challenging 2020

Harbour Results survey indicates 25% of plastic processors and moldmakers broke even or lost money in 2020 and returning optimism within the manufacturing community.


Oerlikon Signs Agreement to Acquire INglass HRSflow Business

Acquisition accelerates Oerlikon’s strategy in diversifying its man-made fibers business to expand into the high-growth polymer processing solution market, positions hot runner systems technology for potential global growth.


Surface Treatment

All-In-One Fiber Laser Marking Unit Integrated into Portable System

Rocklin Manufacturing presents the MobiLase, a fiber laser marker housed in a lightweight suitcase that can delivers fast and durable laser markings directly at the part.

MMT Chats: 5 in 5 with Best Tool & Engineering

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges reveals 5 best practices for improving efficiencies in culture, technology, process, measuring success and staying competitive ... in 5 minutes: hire for work ethic, machining, molding, relationships and appropriate technology investment. This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.

Cutting Tools

Insert, Cutter Tool Range Ensure 90-Degree Shoulder Milling

Double-sided TNGX16 inserts and STN16 cutters from Dormer Pramet cover a large application and material range.

Surface Treatment

Copper Anti-Seize Compound Facilitates Reuse of Damaged or Threaded Mold Components

Slide Products’ anti-size lubricant is formulated with a high level of metallic solids for increased performance, higher levels of temperature stability, performance and protection for mold components.


Linear Drive CNC Machine Designed for High-Precision Small Hole Drilling 

Sodick recommends its five-axis K4HL CNC machine for applications that require the high-speed drilling of thousands of small, high-precision holes.

Cutting Tools

Circle Segment Cutters Prove Fast and Productive Finishing

Walter’s solid-carbide MD838 and MD839 Supreme circle segment cutters perform finishing tasks up to 90% faster than traditional ball nose endmills.


Ontario Virtual Career Expo Target High School Students for Trade Career Opportunities

Build a Dream ‘Trades Week’ networking event will connect students to tradespeople, pathways, employers to build industry exposure and introduce potential career opportunities.


Harbour Results Partners with AutoForecast Solutions for Improved Manufacturing Insight Data Delivery

Collaboration enhances the automotive forecasting data and insight available to Harbour IQ members, enabling faster, more flexible decision-making.


New EVCO Plastics Facility to Advance Medical Molding Opportunities

Forty thousand square-foot CAL 2 facility to feature white room, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding capabilities.