April 2021 | Digital Edition

Incremental Automation Investment Perfectly Positions Moldmaker to Produce High-Cavitation, Critical Dimension Molds

Incorporating multiple automation technologies enables Industrial Molds to produce and repair highly complex, precision molds with a very lean team.



How to Use Reverse Engineering to Reduce Mold Tuning Time

Mold builders can reduce the number of iterations required to yield acceptable parts with a new tool, a damaged mold or a copy of an existing tool using modern data collection techniques and advanced surface modeling technologies.

Business Strategies

Investment Activity Presents Industry Growth Opportunity

Mergers and acquisitions within the mold manufacturing industry have revealed some positive outcomes. Here, two mold builders share their recent experiences and insights.

Additive Manufacturing

Use Hybrid AM to Produce Longer-Lasting Multi-Material Molds

A flexible, laser-based hybrid CNC machine makes it practical to produce high-performance molds and dies made from multiple metals. 

Data Management Software

What is Scientific Maintenance? Part 3

Part three of this three-part series explains how to use maintenance data, set targets and goals for improvement, and allow better, faster, and more accurate mold and part troubleshooting.

Hot Runners Alarm System Detects Early Nozzle, Hot Runner Leaks

Hot Runners Hot Runner Gate Nozzle Enables Compact Installation 

Mold Components Sprue Adjuster Offers Melt Flow Flexibility

Mold Components Aluminum Bronze Slide Assembly Component Reduces Maintenance, Improves Tool Reliability

Mold Components Guide System Offers Precise Positioning in One System

Mold Components Mold Components Target Route Cooling Lines

Mold Components IoT Mold Sensors, Mobile Application Attain More Accurate Digital Mold Management 

Mold Components Unscrewing Device Alleviates Mold Unscrewing Difficulties

Mold Components Dynamic Internal Valves Overcome Standard Mold Venting Limitations

Hot Runners Melt Delivery and Control System Enables Ultimate Design Freedom

Hot Runners Cyclic Cavity Temperature Control System Targets Excellent Component Surface Finish

Mold Components Clamp Configuration Tool Eliminates Mold Plate Manufacturing Step

Mold Components High-Cavitation Custom Mold Bases Ensure Precise Alignment

Hot Runners Servo Electric Valve Gate Design Minimizes Stack Heights, Simplifies Design, Improves Control

Mold Components Side Action System Locks in Mold Performance

Hot Runners Hot Runner Manifold Offers Increased Flexibility

Mold Components Custom Core Pins Expand DedTru Grinding Capacity

Mold Components Mold Lifter Self-Adjustment System Compensates for Misalignment

Hot Runners Improved Valve Gate Tip Range Offer Durability, Efficiency, Increased Gate Life

Hot Runners Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Enables Reduced Pitch

Mold Components Tunnel Gate Inserts Support Flexible Injection Mold Applications

Hot Runners Gate Bushing Minimizes Nozzle Component Damage

Hot Runners Direct Gated Valve Gate Component for More Controlled Melt Flow