November 2020 | Digital Edition

How to Select the Right Programming CAM Software for Directed Energy Deposition in Mold Repair and Modification

Selecting the right programming CAM software improves the use of directed energy deposition to repair and modify tooling.


Surface Treatment

A Look at Three Mold Surface Effects

Identifying and testing innovative injection mold surface properties became an unexpected theme of recent virtual content—ultrafast laser texturing, coatings and plasma.

High-Performance Alloy Increases Performance Capability of Aluminum Molds

DRS Industrial’s use of high-performance aluminum alloys helps it build better molds faster and at a lower cost, improving molder productivity.

Additive Manufacturing

How to Design a Mold with Additive Tooling

Designing molds with additive tooling implementation in mind requires blending traditional mold standards with innovative new ideas of what is possible to push the limits of mold performance.

MMT Chats: Making the Argument for a Mentoring Program

What employers need to think about as they reopen post-pandemic to improve employee engagement.