June 2021 | Digital Edition

30 Under 30 Honors Program: Mentoring in the Next-Generation of Moldmaking Professionals

Young professionals are vital to the moldmaking industry, and it is important to acknowledge those making strides in shaping the industry's future. MoldMaking Technology recognizes the industry's young talent through its 30 Under 30 Honors Program.
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Data Management Software

How to Analyze and Optimize Cutting Conditions to Reduce Cycle Time

Plastic injection mold design and manufacturing company puts NC program optimization software module to the test. The results were surprising.

Taking a Second Look at Copper-Graphite Electrodes

A review of the often-overlooked impact of copper-impregnated graphite electrodes on EDM properties, performance and cost.

Design & Manufacturing Software

Ultra-Precise Molds Energize the Microfluidics Market

High-precision machining with micron-level accuracy enables mold builders to achieve tooling and injection molding that produces repeatable, cost-effective microfluidic parts.