MoldMaking Technology September 2020
September 2020 | Digital Edition

Using the Right Technology at the Right Time and in the Right Way

Michigan mold and die maker puts its engineering expertise to work for each customer.


Additive Manufacturing

Comparing 3D-Printed Conformal-Cooled Steel Molds to Aluminum Molds

While 3D-printed conformal coolant lines in steel injection molds reduce production costs and improve part quality, aluminum molds can yield similar results faster and at a lower cost.

Design & Manufacturing Software

How to Learn Mold Design Virtually

Plastics Engineering program instructors share their strategies for successful virtual learning for hands-on injection mold design.

Business Strategies

Tax Relief to Help Manage the Impact of COVID-19

U.S. Congress and Treasury have provided relief to mold shops since the beginning of the coronavirus via accelerated deductions, new tax credits, guidance around these benefits and extensions on the time to file and pay taxes. 

Design & Manufacturing Software

Use Volumetric Shrinkage Predictions to Improve Part Quality

Simulation evaluates root cause and the impact of wall thickness, gate and cooling modifications.