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MoldMaking Technology addresses the complete lifecycle of the manufacture and maintenance of a mold—from design to first shot—by providing solutions and strategies to moldmaking professionals charged with designing, building and repairing molds. MMT utilizes an Editorial Advisory Board to help guide the direction of the brand. This board is made up of authorities with expertise within their respective business, industry, technology and profession. Their role is to advise on timely issues, trends and advances in the field, offer editorial thought and direction, review and comment on specific articles and generally act as a sounding board and a conscience for the publication. MMT remains committed to bringing our audience what’s new and what works in mold manufacturing by focusing on the needs of today’s mold builders. Anything from successful business practices to manufacturing strategies can be found in a technology article, application story, shop profile or tip of the month that applies to today’s mold shop owners, tool and mold manufacturers, injection molders and OEMs.

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