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MoldMaking Technology (MMT) has been addressing the complete lifecycle of the design, manufacture and maintenance of a mold—from design to first shot—since its launch in 1998. MMT remains committed to bringing our audience what’s new and what works in mold manufacturing by focusing on the needs of today’s mold builders; when it comes to anything from successful business practices to manufacturing strategies. This important information can be found in a technology article, application story, shop profile or tip of the month that applies to today’s mold shop owner, tool and mold manufacturers, injection molders and OEMs.

Christina M. Fuges
Editorial Director

Christina M. Fuges has 25 years of experience in trade publishing. She has been Editorial Director for MoldMaking Technology (MMT) magazine for the past 19 years. She was a founding partner of Communication Technologies, Inc. (CTI), which launched the publication and its annual trade show, the MoldMaking Expo (now Amerimold expo). She also was editorial director for CTI’s three other trade publications: Time-Compression Technologies, Continuity Insights and Emergency Number Professional. MMT was acquired by Gardner Business Media in 2004. Christina has continued to serve as MMT’s Editorial Director, but is also the Technical Conference Director for the annual Amerimold expo and an editor for Additive Manufacturing magazine. Prior to MoldMaking Technology, Christina was with Witter Publishing as Managing Editor for two critical cleaning publications: Precision Cleaning and Parts Cleaning magazines. Christina’s passion is building community within the audiences her publications serve by providing relevant print, digital and conference content focused on both technology and business issues, while working cooperatively with technology suppliers, mold builders, industry associations and educational facilities. Christina lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son who are all active within their church, school and local community. When she is not working, she spends time raising awareness for Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder her son has, and enjoys being outdoors, reading and planning family events. She loves the sun and the beach.

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Cynthia Kustush
Senior Editor

You could say that Cynthia Kustush was “born into mold building”, because she is the proud daughter of a mold builder, Alan Petrucci, who founded B A Die Mold, Inc. in 1968. Cyndi joined MoldMaking Technology (MMT) magazine as Senior Editor in 2015, but has dedicated more than 20 years of her career to the mold making industry. Prior to working at MMT, Cyndi managed PR and media relations for 12 years at Progressive Components. She has been actively involved with the American Mold Builders Association’s Chicago Chapter since 1992. Cyndi attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, earning bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and English.

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