Machine Monitoring Software Enables Remote Status Updates

Heidenhain introduces software that enables users to track and evaluate machine status from remote devices.
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Heidenhain Corporation introduces StateMonitor software to enable users to view data and evaluate control processes remotely and in real-time. The software is an option with Heidenhain TNC controls and is designed for CNC manufacturing personnel who are implementing connected systems as part of the Industry 4.0 initiative.

The software captures, visualizes and evaluates the status of connected machines and displays it on any networked terminals, including remote devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. This enables users the flexibility to display current machine status on multiple devices and from outside the workshop in an office, meeting or in other locations. The program presents status of connected machines visually as charts and graphs.

StateMonitor is part of the company’s Connected Machining functional package, which combines solutions for the individual networking of production. The package includes the Heidenhain DNC interface, the Remote Desktop Manager and the enhanced display function Extended Workspace as well as other applications with which the TNC user can receive and use digital job data in the workshop. According to the company, this package places the user at the center of digital order management through the control of their milling or turning machine.