Encoder Interface Enables Improved Machine Motion Control

The Heidenhain EnDat 3 interface is now available in ExI 1100 rotary encoders and offers users additional advancements.


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Heidenhain EnDat3.

Photo Credit: Heidenhain Corp.

Heidenhain debuts the EnDat 3 encoder interface protocol, which is said to offer users faster and more efficient machine motion control operation. The interface is available in the company’s ExI 1100 series of inductive rotary encoders.

Heidenhain says the EnDat 3 preserves the features and benefits known to previous versions, while offering interface advancements. This includes new ECI 1119 and EQI 1131 rotary encoders that can communicate over two wires with the drive/control. Further, with the ability to integrate with single hybrid motor cables, this new encoder design reduces the necessary number of wires, overall system costs and enables manufactures to transition from dual-cable motor outputs to single-cable outputs.

Access to additional features include:

  • Higher data bandwidths
  • Further sensor access and flexibility with support for IIoT initiatives
  • Functional Safety capability up to SIL3 PL e
  • Definable send lists
  • Hybrid cable transmission.