SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Inspection and Measurement

Looking to step up your best practices for verification of the molds and parts you manufacture? Check out our slideshow for highlights of some of the latest inspection and measurement equipment introduced in the last year.
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Inspection and measurement equipment, from the humble micrometer to the most sophisticated scanners, probes and coordinate measurement machines, is critical to the success of every mold and every component in that mold down to the smallest item. That’s why we see continued advancement in these technologies and innumerable introductions of inspection and measurement devices at trade events like IMTS, NPE, K, the Amerimold Expo, and others around the globe. It’s also why the latest products covered by MMT are being reviewed here in this week’s Technology Showcase. 


  • Laser Welding Versus Micro Welding

    The latest battle in finely detailed restoration/repair of mold materials.

  • Teach Yourself Polishing

    Schools for mold polishing do not exist and most veteran polishers don't want to teach the subject, so here are a few simple polishing guidelines.

  • Steel Heat Treating

    The third in a series of articles on heat treatment, this month's offering looks at the heat treatment procedure, its principles and why heat treatment is necessary for steel.