Heidenhain Opens New ACU-RITE Technology Education Center

ATEC provides North American customers and prospects with direct access to see and use all its ACU-RITE brand machine tool components, and take advantage of its expert trainers.


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Heidenhain ACU-RITE ATEC

Photo Credit: Heidenhain

Continuing to emphasize its customer first initiative during these uncertain times, Heidenhain (Schaumburg, Illinois) recently announced the opening of its new ACU-RITE Technology Education Center (ATEC) in the Chicago suburbs. The facility is now open to provide the company’s North American customers and prospects with direct access to see and use all its current popular ACU-RITE machine tool components, as well as the ability to call upon its expert trainers.

By appointment and with safety/cleaning protocols in place, customers can be granted access to view and test all of the ACU-RITE brand’s current products, including its popular controls, digital readouts (DROs), encoders and accessories. Machine tools currently hosted at ATEC include ACU-RITE’s three-axis MILLPWRG2 control system on a vertical knee mill, and two-axis TURNPWR control on a tool room lathe, all fully functional.

“We understand the importance of supporting North American manufacturing, maybe more so than ever before,” says John Parker, Heidenhain’s business development manager for the ACU-RITE brand. “We believe it is our job to help machinists equip their shop with the top tools and tips to move jobs through their systems quickly and accurately. And ACU-RITE machine tool components and experts are here to help make that happen. ATEC is just one more instrument of support.”

Custom training sessions can now be arranged at ATEC in Schaumburg, Illinois, as well as private meetings to review product options and discuss specific application needs. Those interested in a visit to this new technology center can contact any of the Heidenhain/ACU-RITE regional sales managers via the ACU-RITE website or John Parker for a personal or small group appointment. Standard training sessions are listed on website. Due to current COVID-19, CDC protocols must be followed.