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The use of innovative clamping systems to optimize the moldmaking production process requires consideration of five factors based on Industry 4.0 principles.

1. Engineering: Engineers should be fully involved and invested in the process of workholding. The clamping setups should be established before the workpiece is clamped and secured to save time and confusion at the CNC machine table. 

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By: Heather Wintle 8/13/2019

Noteworthy News: Mark Your Calendars!

Looking for opportunities where you can meet and mingle with members of the moldmaking community? Or maybe you’re interested in education and learning more about mold manufacturing processes and technologies?

Well, mark your calendars now for these upcoming networking and education opportunities! From conferences and trade shows, the following news releases showcase events that promise to provide technical presentations and demonstrations, peer-to-peer discussions, business strategies, scientific developments and focus on relevant industry topics that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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Wall Street Upgrades Near-term Outlook for Electronics Industry


Wall Street’s latest near-term outlook for the electronics industry has markedly improved since Gardner’s last review of the industry based on third quarter 2018 (3Q18) actuals and projections. Reported 4Q18 and 1Q19 revenues and earning significantly beat expectations in part due to better than expected economic and business conditions while America renegotiates its trade agreements with multiple major trading partners. 

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You serve a very diverse customer base. Is that by design?

Ernie Young, vice president of sales: Yes, we have a strategy for revenue generation that has been cascaded down via ownership and it enables us to execute calculated growth year over year. A key aspect about the strategy and where we sit in the marketplace is that no specific industry takes up more than 25% of our annual revenue. No single customer is larger than 20% of our annual revenue. For example, if the agricultural market spikes one year and drops the next, we typically see retail or another market spike the next year to balance workload and revenue year over year.

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Despite a stormy start to the day, the clouds cleared enough to enable the Chicago Chapter of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) to hold its annual Unique Car Show and BBQ dinner meeting at Medinah Banquets in Addison, IL.

Several “gear-head” moldmaker members participated by bringing a prized classic car, customized and late model vehicles to enjoy a cocktail hour sponsored by Boride Engineered Abrasives and share their common love of an all-American pastime – cool cars. 

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