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By: Kylee Carbone 4. December 2018

How to Build Manufacturing Awareness with Events

Awareness of manufacturing careers has increased over the past few years, and at Westminster Tool, we believe that community involvement is the key to this positive trend. Most of our success with awareness and recruitment has been a result of hosting community events that encourage engagement across the industry and within our company.

Here are six best practices for hosting a successful community event in your area.

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How has the Leadtime Leader Award impacted your company since gaining the title this past June?

Dave LaGrow, president, Maximum Mold Group: We have been able to further solidify our family/team environment. The employees were part of the process of applying for the award, and winning was a great accomplishment for them. They know that when they work together for a common goal, it truly works.

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By: Steve Johnson 30. November 2018

How Will Industry 4.0 Impact Mold Maintenance?

Industry 4.0 has been getting a lot of attention from molders as they look to take advantage of connecting processing information with production information to efficiently produce quality parts on time. This common goal is the tagline for the MoldTrax electronic maintenance system. For example, MoldTrax collects, analyzes and shares accurate data to drive business success. It only makes sense that as the 4.0 culture continues to grow within the molding industry, the mold repair side of the business starts asking: “What’s in it for me?”

Maintenance professionals need to understand how or if a 4.0 culture can help them do a better job of troubleshooting and maintaining their molds, and which piece of this broad range of electronic data could be useful in both short- and long-term maintenance plans. Here is a look at the electronic benefits that are possible for mold repair.

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Gardner Intelligence, the research arm of Gardner Business Media, has released the 2019 Capital Spending Survey, which projects accelerating growth for the machine tool market next year. In it, Gardner Intelligence sees machine tool consumption increasing 11 percent to $7.748 billion in 2019, following smaller growth in the preceding two years. In 2018, machine tool prices rose, and delivery times lengthened, a trend that is likely to continue given the planned spending by machine shops detailed in the report.

This year’s Capital Spending Survey also projects increased spending on every one of the six major machine types tracked by the survey. The full report provides a complete breakdown of machine sales by machine type, plant size, region and industry.

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Welding technology has come a long way. Not only have setup times and sheer welding power evolved, but now laser welding equipment is going mobile. New laser models from Alpha Laser, the ALM and ALFlak, enable welders to repair large molds anywhere with ease.

First advantage is the footprint; these models can easily move in and around even the most complex molds. Second, and most important, is the flexibility; the lasers can reach even more features of a mold from a single position with an extended arm length of over 9 ft. long in the largest model.

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