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Heidenhain Corp., Open Mind Technologies USA Inc. and Fraisa USA Inc. recently partnered to launch an education initiative that is expected to be made available throughout the United States. This initiative was kicked off with workshops on high-performance five-axis machining that feature experts from each company who provided insight into the best ways one can optimize roughing and finishing processes.

“Our first five-axis workshop was held at Fraisa’s facility in New Brighton, Minnesota, and the second workshop was held here, at Heidenhain’s Schaumburg, Illinois, facility,” Gisbert Ledvon, Heidenhain’s TNC business development manager, says. At Heidenhain, more than 30 people from several companies across the country attended the free, day-long workshop to learn more about the latest trends in five-axis machining. Multiple sessions covered various new and state-of-the-art five-axis programming strategies from Open Mind, Heidenhain motion control and CNC for five-axis machining centers and the newest circular-arc milling cutters from Fraisa, bringing the five-axis process chain full circle.

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By: Roger Bassous 27. March 2019

Rethink How You Track Unattended Machining

When you think about unattended machining in your shop, you most likely think just the amount of time a machine runs without an operator. While technically correct, this way of thinking can be misleading in many cases as it doesn’t factor in labor costs for running a machine.

The true question that needs to be asked and answered is: Are we running our machines more with the same amount of labor, regardless of in-shift or out-of-shift?

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The inaugural Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive (AMWA), hosted at the North American International Auto Industry Show (NAIAS) in Detroit earlier this year, brought together automotive industry professionals and additive manufacturing technology experts. The sold-out event covered the ways that 3D printing is transforming automotive design and production today, and how it might influence the industry in the future.

If you weren't able to attend the event, don’t worry we have made the presentation content available to you now.

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American Mold Builders Association (AMBA)

The AMBA has been busy filling its calendar with several upcoming events and posting the details on its new website, The organization has enlisted the services of JMVC Transitions Group LLC to present a four-part webinar series on succession planning as part of its Peer Networking program. Kym Conis, managing director, says, “Peer Networking is an AMBA members exclusive opportunity where professionals in common positions connect virtually with peers and discuss new ideas, explore methods of improvement and expand their professional networks.” Additionally, three new reports were released by the AMBA: The AMBA Wage and Benefits Report, Business Forecast Report and Best Practices in Filling the Sales Pipeline Report.

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Has growth peaked?” reads a headline from The Washington Post this month. The Guardian says “the global economy is slowing down.” Likewise, Reuters reports that economic forecasters are cutting global economic growth in their 2019 analyses.

But for many—including, it seems, those in the U.S. metalworking sector—spirits, if not expectations, are more optimistic about the short-term economic future.

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