A Best-Practices Quality Strategy for Profitability

By: Lewis Yasenchak, MBA, BS, Owner, P&Y Management Resources

Guidelines for quality and business process improvement planning to help achieve true business performance improvement and return on investment.


MMT Chats: Mental Health Is a Part of the Changing Manufacturing Workplace

By: Christina M. Fuges

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Human Asset Management Founder Marion Wells about how COVID-19 has accelerated the need to address the workforce development challenges our industry faces, including the mental health of your workforce.

They May Not Be Making Headlines These Days, But They Are VERY Important!

By: Christina M. Fuges

With COVID, unrest and an upcoming election, nobody is talking about our wounded veterans in need … except iWarriors.  What is iWarriors, you ask?

2020-2030 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Camille M. Sackett

By: Christina M. Fuges

The 2020-2023 version of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 12 industry professionals. Here's one of them.
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Tax Relief to Help Manage the Impact of COVID-19

By: Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, CMP, Mueller Prost

U.S. Congress and Treasury have provided relief to mold shops since the beginning of the coronavirus via accelerated deductions, new tax credits, guidance around these benefits and extensions on the time to file and pay taxes. 
#covid-19 #leadership

Design & Manufacturing Software

How to Learn Mold Design Virtually

By: Davide Masato and Stephen Johnston, Department of Plastics Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Plastics Engineering program instructors share their strategies for successful virtual learning for hands-on injection mold design.
#education #covid-19


Virtual Learning Is Taking Off in Moldmaking

By: Christina M. Fuges

If you were unable to attend Amerimold Connects, you can experience our version of virtual learning by watching all of the recorded live-stream presentations on the Amerimold Expo website. 
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Workforce Development

MMT Chats: The Science of Moldmaking, Part 2

By: Christina M. Fuges

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Don Smith, North American Senior Tooling Engineer for Scholle IPN in Northlake, Illinois about lean manufacturing, teaching mold design and our future generation of mold engineers.

Design & Manufacturing Software

Use Volumetric Shrinkage Predictions to Improve Part Quality

By: Mark Howards, 3D Shapes Inc., Mechanical Engineer

Simulation evaluates root cause and the impact of wall thickness, gate and cooling modifications.

Design & Manufacturing Software

Understanding the Value of Scientific Injection Mold Cooling

By: George Markus, Owner, Advanced Plastics Design (APD)

Injection molds are heat exchangers, so proper cooling is necessary to improve part quality, maximize profits and maintain your company’s reputation. 


The Greatest Moldmaker in the World

By: John Berg, Director of Marketing, Alligator Holdings LLC

The changing art, craft, and science of moldmaking has not changed what it takes to be a successful moldmaker.


Using the Right Technology at the Right Time and in the Right Way

By: Peggy Malnati

Michigan mold and die maker puts its engineering expertise to work for each customer.