What Is Quality Planning?

By: Lewis Yasenchak, Owner, P&Y Management Resources

A look at the connection between Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management System (QMS).

Business Strategies

MMT Chats: The Science of Moldmaking, Part 1

By: Christina M. Fuges

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Don Smith, North American Senior Tooling Engineer for Scholle IPN in Northlake, Illinois about the future and science of moldmaking.


2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Mark Gauvain

By: Christina M. Fuges

The 2020-2023 version of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 12 industry professionals. Here's one of them.

Moldmaking Index Registers Second Straight Month of Modest Expansion

By: Michael Guckes

Strong expansion in production and quickening supplier deliveries hint at a rebound.
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Comparing 3D-Printed Conformal-Cooled Steel Molds to Aluminum Molds

By: Donald R. Shrader, Vice President, American Quality Molds

While 3D-printed conformal coolant lines in steel injection molds reduce production costs and improve part quality, aluminum molds can yield similar results faster and at a lower cost.

Workforce Development

MMT Chats: Virtual R&D and Teaching Plastic Injection Mold Design

By: Christina M. Fuges

New Editorial Advisory Board member Davide Masato, an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, joined me for a 20-minute video chat about the importance of plastics engineering, and how COVID-19 changed the faculty's approach to teaching mold engineering and plastics research.
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MMT Readers Top-Viewed Content for August 2020

Looking at all the content MoldMaking Technology has presented in August 2020, here are the top 10 most-viewed items.

Cutting Tools

Technology Showcase: Cutting Tools Round Up

By: Grace Nehls

Take a look at some of the cutting tool products and services MMT recently highlighted online and in its upcoming September print issue. 

Try Something New: Launching a Virtual Event During COVID-19

By: Christina M. Fuges

Trying something new and producing a remote event experience taught the MoldMaking Technology team so much and reinforced what we already know—the mold manufacturing community is committed to coming together to learn, share, and get better.
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MMT Chats: Buyer/Seller Tips for a Successful Acquisition

By: Christina M. Fuges

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Fran Brunelle, President of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers about the ins and outs of today's successful manufacturing mergers and acquisitions.  


Single-Brand EDM Arsenal Helps Moldmaker Speed Services for Diverse Clientele

By: Mike Bystrek, Senior Product Manager – Application Development EDM and Machining Technologies, MC Machinery Systems Inc.

Microtech Precision sticks with Mitsubishi EDM (and milling) technology to optimize machining capabilities for molds, dies and more.

Hot Runners

What Is the Difference Between Knit and Meld Lines and Why Does It Matter?

By: Jeremy Williams, Consultant/Trainer, RJG Inc.

Three terms that often get mixed up in the plastic injection molding industry are weld, meld, and knit lines. Meld and knit lines are actually both different types of weld lines. Here is a look at the differences between them, the causes of meld and knit line imperfections, and their impact on part durability.