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In recently published roundtable discussions about moldmaking trends and challenges, participants indicated that increasingly complex mold designs and functions have been central in driving industry advancements in services, products and technologies. MoldMaking Technology uncovered that the same forces drive mold-maintenance strategies. Professionals from a few supplier companies share their take on the topic.

Mold maintenance expert and MoldMaking Technology columnist Steve Johnson, president of MoldTrax (Ashland, Ohio), says that molds continue to advance in their design and build. The industry is seeing molds with higher cavitation, faster cycle times and more complexity in the use of hot runner systems, in-mold functions, over-molding, process sensors, engineered resins, mold-monitoring devices, rotating, spinning plates and so on. Because of this, molds today require a higher level of shop maintenance skills and management strategies to safely and effectively run and maintain the molds. “Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) continue to raise the bar as well, requiring their molds to run longer, more cheaply, faster and more reliably while molding quality parts,” he adds. “They want mold builders to go beyond the million-cycle warranties which means that the molder must take better care of the mold to maximize tooling and mold life.”

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By: Evan Syverson 7. November 2018

The Impact of 3D Printing on Wire EDM

As manufacturers accept and implement new technologies into their operations, downstream processes often need to be adjusted to accommodate the type of work that then comes down the pipeline.

One example is additive manufacturing or 3D printing. While many of the first commercial 3D parts were for specialty aerospace and medical applications, the technology slowly but surely has crept into much broader manufacturing settings, including the mold and die industries.

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Join MoldMaking Technology on Tuesday, November 13, at 1 p.m. CT for a free webinar presented by Autodesk Inc. Attendees will view demonstrations of new tools designed to help companies interactively manage and avoid collisions involving the workpiece and cutting tool assembly. 

This webinar will show attendees how to:

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What makes your company special to your customers? That is at the heart of MoldMaking Technology’s annual Leadtime Leader Awards program.

This competition was created to share best practices and recognize companies that are leading by example. A Leadtime Leader is a North American mold manufacturer that demonstrates overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within its moldmaking operations.

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There are associations, and there are associations that go the extra mile for their members. VDWF is one of them. The German Association of Tool and Mould Makers (VDWF) and its Managing Director Ralf Dürrwächter devote all manpower to organize seminars, tradeshows, training opportunities, university courses and networking events to educate and network Germany's (and also Austria's, Switzerland's and increasingly international) tool and moldmakers. And the success speaks for itself.

The association has recently received the second place award in the "Association of the Year 2018" competition organized by the German Society for Association Management (DGVM). "The ability of an association to transform its members into fans is exactly what it takes for successful association management and growth," the jury's assessment states. "We are excited about your ability to maintain your solidarity and work within your association and with your ability to stimulate business activity through cohesion and the sharing of knowledge." 

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