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Mold manufacturers are consumed by the day-to-day activities of their businesses so much so that they often neglect the outside influences having a major effect on their businesses, namely public policy. And if this past year’s trade policy changes haven’t convinced you to pay attention, maybe this panel presentation will. It is more important than ever for manufacturers to not only be aware but remain informed and engaged about the issues at hand. This panel will review trade and tariff updates and their impact on mold manufacturing, plastics and die casting markets; exchange rates and how they affect export/import competitiveness; what’s happening in work-based learning, apprenticeship programs and government assistance programs; and, the latest on the innovation front, including Smart Factories and their impact on U.S. manufacturing.


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By: Heather Wintle 28. May 2019

Amerimold 2019 Product Showcase, Part 7

Plan ahead for Amerimold 2019 with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from the show’s extensive list of exhibitors!

Amerimold is the Event for Mold Manufacturing, an annual tradeshow that addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. Attendees are owners, executives, engineers and managers at OEMs and contract manufacturers. Register today for the chance to experience informational Tech Talks, In-Booth Presentations and two new workshops focusing on Additive Manufacturing for Plastics and Medical Injection Molding.

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By: Sami Arsan, P. Eng, PMP, CAM-F 28. May 2019

Considerations for AM Powder for Tooling

Materials development in additive manufacturing (AM) is a growth area and one that mold builders should keep their eyes on as they consider offering alternate mold manufacturing solutions for their customers. The start of any good product is the raw material, and that includes AM powder for tooling.

The key to AM is determining the most appropriate path of production for the part. Once you design the part and determine the method of manufacturing, material selection is the next step. The three elements of a quality additively produced part are powder, parameters and the system. Let’s focus on the powder. The five material aspects to consider for AM powder for tooling are:

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North American Lighting (NAL), located outside of Evansville, IN, seeks an individual to be responsible for second shift mold making production, at the Indiana Tool Plant (ITP), in Elberfeld, IN.

NAL, located outside of Evansville, IN, seeks an individual to be responsible for its second shift mold making production. ITP specializes in building and designing complex thermoplastic and thermoset plastic injection molds. This person is expected to utilize a “hands on” approach to leadership to ensure that CNC machine run times are upheld and mold production schedules are met. Prior experience as an expert mold maker is required.

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This is a story about two experienced moldmakers, Jack and Mike, and the formation and ongoing development of their successful mold manufacturing business. The story is built around the challenges many shops encounter as they grow and describes some practical steps to develop buy-in and participation in change and scalable processes to enable growth. 

Jack and Mike launched a new mold shop business based on long-standing industry relationships. The business started small, but with hard work, the shop developed a reputation for quality and on-time delivery. Soon the business grew beyond what the two men could handle alone. They hired a sales person to develop more business, a mold designer and staff for the production department. Then they started to focus on larger and more complex molds, which demanded more staff for the additional machinery they acquired to do the work. 

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