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I spoke with Hillary Coombs, Strategic Leader at Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut, about embracing change, leading and communicating during a crisis.

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On the morning of June 25th, Congressman Greg Pence acknowledged the winner of the prestigious Leadtime Leader Award on the United States Congressional floor.

MoldMaking Technology and the Leadtime Leader Award are proud to have been mentioned on the floor of the United States Congress on the morning of June 25th.

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Applying scientific injection molding principles to parts upfront in the manufacturing process will help to ensure an optimized part and a robust mold design. The inputs will inform the mold design and build, and allow for optimal processing conditions and part conformance. Here are three simple strategies of scientific injection molding.

Before you design a mold, assess the part. One of the most impactful ways to do this is by incorporating scientific injection molding into the process and running mold flow simulations on the part to help inform the tool specifications. This process is called design of experiment (DOE) simulation, and it looks at fill, warp, shrinkage and cooling.

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5 Steps Manufacturers Should Take to Optimize Operations in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to monumental shifts in manufacturing. Changing consumer trends, safety circumstances, and laws around the world have forced manufacturers to adapt. Here to help, our manufacturing experts have put together this informative guide on five steps all manufacturers should take to prepare for operations in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Though COVID-19 case numbers are changing by the day, the outbreak is still very much a presence in communities around the world. For this reason, COVID-19 safety should still be the number one priority for manufacturers in all industries. Here are a few tips for keeping your facilities COVID-19-free.

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Adapting to New Ways of Working During COVID-19

Mold material suppliers are in the fight against COVID-19 just like their mold-building customers. For example, EDRO Engineering and Specialty Steels is delivering tool steel, copper alloys, and custom mold bases quickly for plastics tooling making components for testing kits, PPE, and respiratory equipment.

All of Edro’s facilities have remained fully-operational and continue to manufacture and deliver products and services in support of their customers’ needs as part of the US essential infrastructure.  Although it has required many adjustments in the work environment, the Edro team is proud to continue servicing their customers and where possible contribute to the fight against COVID-19.   

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