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By: Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, CMP 15. March 2019

Tax Reform Impact on Inventory Deductions


The changes made to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §471 Rules for Inventory of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Act”) present some tax-savings opportunities for “small” mold shops. The rules define small businesses as those with less than $25-million of average gross receipts for a trailing three-year period. The shops that have not been in business for three years must use the average gross receipts of the years in operation.

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Tell me a little bit about Next Chapter Manufacturing?

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By: Steve Shannon 13. March 2019

How to Determine the Proper Vent Depth


Venting is one of the most important aspects a mold technician can get right when tweaking a new plastic injection mold for production. When vents are not designed and executed properly, problems can occur.

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During Amerimold Expo 2018, attendees were treated to on-site demos of new products, presentations and knowledge sharing by industry experts on all things moldmaking and more. MoldMaking Technology also took the opportunity to interview some exhibitors whose products are moving the way molds are engineered, built and maintained forward. This video, conducted by Editorial Director Christina Fuges is one of four such interviews. Christina stopped by the Progressive Components booth to meet with Sales Account Manager Rebecca Hamstra and learn why monitoring water flow in injection molds is important, and how having the ability to monitor and control the temperature flow and pressure in each water line can help optimize mold production.

Following is a video of the interview and a transcript of the conversation.

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Krieger Craftsmen has recently added additive manufacturing (AM) as part of an in-house alliance to offer a full-service solution for customers. It all happened by chance, last year, because of a fortuitous reunion with Jason Murphy, whom I met more than 20 years ago through a friend and former co-worker. We had not seen each other for 10 years. As far as I know, Jason has the only additive manufacturing machine in the United States that can print H13 and harden it.

Jason has been on the forefront of AM for several years. He worked on the technology while he was working abroad to bring tooling and molding solutions to customers. In addition to being a mold maker, he is also a master molder. Because he was looking to establish a business with this unique AM capability, and I have been interested in bringing AM into Krieger, I added space between Krieger Craftsmen and J-Flex, our automotive lighting division, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and that is where Jason operates the additive manufacturing operation called Next Chapter Manufacturing.

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