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Content is available to view all week.  LIVE sessions are being recorded, so they can viewed with the On-Demand Content after the run live.

The focus of these sessions is supply chain management/sourcing:

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During this LIVE session on June 9 at 9am EST, Mold Trax President Steve Johnson and Global Assessment and Training Manager Glenn Keith will show preventative maintenance in action with an actual PM on a hot runner mold. They’ll walk you through the essential stages of repair while demo’ing a few sophisticated technology solutions that have lifted PM to a higher level of efficiency and accuracy. 

They will discuss several common mold and part defects and the related corrective actions. The demonstration will also showcase the ways in which the products from each Tool Shop Live! exhibitor fit into the PM process as well as their importance to safe, accurate and efficient mold cleaning and repair. Specific areas highlighted during the demonstration include general shop layout suggestions (bench design, spacing, lighting and necessary shop equipment), preparation (Industry 4.0 or scientific maintenance), disassembly (safety, technique, troubleshooting, data), corrective actions (required skills), cleaning (safety, efficiency, assembly), final check (eliminating mistakes) and staging (storage). 

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Moldmaking Index Advances as Components Move Towards ‘Normal’ Levels

The Gardner Business Index (GBI): Moldmaking registered an 11-point improvement over April’s all-time low reading to end May at 41.6. For the first time since the government curtailed normal business operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all components of the Index moved towards more ‘normal’ levels. Excluding supplier deliveries, all components moved higher from their prior month readings although each remained below a reading of 50. This situation signals that the industry is experiencing a slowing contraction, meaning that while conditions deteriorated further in the most recent month they did so at a slowing rate compared to the prior month. 

For a second month the supplier delivery reading fell. By the nature of how this question is asked, quickening supplier deliveries lower the Index’s reading. Quickening deliveries may provide the first evidence that upstream suppliers are moving toward more normal operations after experiencing significant disruptions in recent months. The resumption of deliveries appears to be coming with an additional cost to it as the May results reported a growing proportion of moldmakers reporting higher material prices. The ability of moldmakers to pass along their own prices increases was more tepid.

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My guests today hail from Canon Virginia in Newport News Virginia: Wayne Daniel the Director of Business Development, Scott Lundberg, Director of Product Development and Rhonda Bunn Senior Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

The last time I saw Canon Virginia was in February in California at MDM West before the outbreak really hit home. I remember walking the aisles and talking with people about the virus, but nothing more than that.

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