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By: Steve Wilson 11/18/2019

Mold Cleaning Case in Point

Marquardt GmbH is a German family-owned company with 6,000 employees in 12 locations and nine countries that supplies mechatronic or electromechanical parts for the automotive and household equipment industries.  With 100 machines, the company produces around 3,000 different products and one step in the work process was performed manually: the cleaning of the injection molds.

Technicians would remove the mold, clean it and then install and align it again, yielding four-hours of production downtime. In addition, the cleaning was not guaranteed or reliable. The process needed to be optimized.

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Automation Is for Small Manufacturers

Thomas Mathew is a software product manager at ANCA CNC Machines who believes that automation technology has leveled the manufacturing playing field, saying that “Now smaller firms can be nimble, niche, and with new efficiencies compete against the big guys.”

Here are some technology and marketing insights from Mathew with a focus on tool manufacturing for grinding as an example all small shops can learn from:

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Machining is a challenging vocation no matter what you produce. Aerospace shops deal with some of the toughest metals imaginable. Tool and die makers often meet tolerances best measured in microns. Medical manufacturers face complex, three-dimensional part geometries. Now take all three, throw in some deep pockets and long tool overhangs, and you understand the life of a moldmaker.

Granted, there’s a fair amount of overlap among each of these machining specialties, and it’s probably a little unfair to lump people into buckets in this manner, but the fact remains that moldmaking easily ranks among the most demanding of all the manufacturing disciplines.

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You are!

Most, if not all of the mold builders I visit and speak with are leading in ways that they sometimes don’t even recognize, but we do.

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It was a pleasure to sit down with this shop to learn what it has been up to since winning the honorable mention Leatime Leader title back in 2013. Although, I did know quite a bit going into this conversation because this Erie-Pennsylvania team knows how to use both social and digital platforms to spread its company news … like its most recent expansion via a new facility: Plastikos Medical!


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