CNC Monitoring Software Improves Machine Performance and Utilization

By: Anthony Watson Applications Engineer, TST Tooling Software Technology

RCO Engineering using a monitoring system to monitor setups, idle time, programming, and quality checks, reducing CNC machine downtime.

Additive Manufacturing

Print the Whole Injection Mold in HSS to Increase Tool Life

By: Barbara Schulz

A German mold builder offers a solution for printing high-speed steels with high carbon content to produce highly dense and wear-resistant molds via selective laser melting.

MMT Chats: Working On and In an Apprenticeship Program

By: Christina M. Fuges

Four years later I follow up with two young moldmaking professionals who continue to help develop the apprenticeship program that got them to where they are today.

Design & Manufacturing Software

Combining Customized Software with CMM Reduces Production Bottleneck

By: Stewart Bint, Communications Officer, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

In order to reduce downtime on its EDM and CNC machines when setting up new jobs, moldmaker Kavia Tooling turned to a coordinate measuring machine from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to create an offline zero transfer system ahead of the manufacturing process for parts and electrodes. 


Moldmaking Breaks Out of Prolonged Contraction for First Month Since COVID-19

By: Michael Guckes

July Index reading exceeds 50 on expanding new orders.

Michigan Moldmaker Produces Tools Onshore and Off

By: Peggy Malnati

Rather than fighting offshore competitors, Liberty Molds has spent the last 15 years producing injection tools in both China and Michigan—and it’s paid off.
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Design & Manufacturing Software

MMT Chats: Lessons in Simulation

By: Christina M. Fuges

This mechanical engineer has a passion for simulation because he has spent most of his career working in injection molding and truly sees the value of detecting problems early in the design phase of a project.


A Multi-Metal Additive Approach to Optical Quality Molds

By: Daniel Browning, Business Development Coordinator, Do Supply

Researchers propose a new approach to producing mold inserts with optical surface quality and no degradation using electroforming, thermal spray, and selective laser melting.
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2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Robert Graup

By: Christina M. Fuges

The 2020-2023 version of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 12 industry professionals. Here's one of them.

Mold Builder Tools Up to Produce 10,000+ Ear Protectors

By: Christina M. Fuges

Since learning how Westminster Tool was embracing change, leading and communicating during COVID-19 a few months ago, I found out that they tooled up to support their local community with ear protectors too.
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Mold Components

Forces and Calculations Are Key to Sizing Core Pull Hydraulic Cylinders

By: Mark Scanlan, Vice President and General Manager, PFA Inc.

To select the correct cylinder, consider both set and pull stroke positions and then calculate forces.

FAQs: What Are the Leadtime Leader Awards?

By: Christina M. Fuges

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MoldMaking Technology's annual Leadtime Leader Awards competition.
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