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I’ve had my eye on the Matsuura Lumex sintering and machining line for a while now, and after IMTS it is on my equipment wish list. The Lumex machine has the potential to virtually eliminate the need for EDM, create self-venting steels and produce conformal cooling lines, reducing cycle times. They are amazing machines. The team also checked out the Sodick OPM 250L metal 3D printer, which is another hybrid machine that can print and cut at micro layers. Mazak and DMG Mori also displayed their hybrid machines.

Another take on this hybrid approach to 3D printing is a metal print head that fits onto the existing tool changer of a CNC machining center. This option caught our attention because it does not require extra floor space for a new machine. You simply adapt your current machine for metal printing.  Although we need to conduct further research to understand the required programming and software fully, we are considering this a viable option.

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Companies are putting much more emphasis on and investment into the equipment and skills required to keep molds running longer between preventive maintenance stops. This month, MoldMaking Technology turns its focus to mold repair trends and challenges with an emphasis on welding technologies. We asked experts from a few welding equipment suppliers to share their take on current needs and solutions.

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Most shops can relate to the need to save money while developing and manufacturing a product, including the mold. Let’s face it: there is a reason people still use the old phrase “time is money.” Any opportunity to save time affords the time to work on another task, such as making another part, or avoid the need to stay late to finish the last job of the day.

Traditional efforts to achieve higher efficiency in design and manufacturing processes have been unable to affect any real change within day-to-day workflows. However, today the manufacturing world is finally changing and changing fast. Technology trends like Industry 4.0 are almost forcing manufacturers to evolve to optimize work processes for higher profitability. Gone are the days of wasting time using dated workflows which, in many cases, engineers and operators have not updated in decades.

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By: Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, CMP 14. January 2019

Tax Reform: Changing the Rules of Business Losses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the way many mold builders account for their business losses. The new rules impact the tax treatment for business losses regardless of a company’s structure (C corporation, S corporation, LLC or partnership).

For example, the Act limits the net operating loss (NOL) deduction to 80 percent of the taxable income of the year in which the shop carries the loss, for losses occurring in tax years beginning after December 31, 2017. Also, the NOL carryback provisions were eliminated for tax years ending after December 31, 2017. However, these provisions do allow for losses to be carried forward indefinitely (a change from the previous 20-year limit).

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A fleet of 22 all-electric cars is waiting to be picked up by their new owners at BMW Knöbl in Steyr, Austria. The BMW i3s will complement Haidlmair’s fleet of company cars and will be available for business and private use for the company’s employees.

Based in Nussbach, Austria, a small town in the Austrian state of Upper Austria (which comprises 90 percent of farmland and forest) tool and moldmaking company Haidlmair wants to transform parts of its fleet to eco-friendly e-vehicles that are charged with electricity generated from renewable energy sources, while at the same time offering their employees access to company cars at a very competitive rate.

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