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Adapting to New Ways of Working During COVID-19

Mold material suppliers are in the fight against COVID-19 just like their mold-building customers. For example, EDRO Engineering and Specialty Steels is delivering tool steel, copper alloys, and custom mold bases quickly for plastics tooling making components for testing kits, PPE, and respiratory equipment.

All of Edro’s facilities have remained fully-operational and continue to manufacture and deliver products and services in support of their customers’ needs as part of the US essential infrastructure.  Although it has required many adjustments in the work environment, the Edro team is proud to continue servicing their customers and where possible contribute to the fight against COVID-19.   

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Larry Koning, president: Given our location in Western Michigan, automotive, furniture and medical device are obviously important to us. However, we also serve customers in the consumer, electronics, recreational vehicle and commercial truck markets. And occasionally we make tools for business machines, lawn and garden, lighting, marine, plumbing, sporting goods and even water purification. It’s obviously an advantage to be diversified.

For injection molding, we produce production and prototype single and multicavity tools — the majority with actions — that typically fit presses between 50 and 1,100 tons. We also build injection tools for gas-assist, rotary two-shot, pick and place, and over-molding. On top of that, we have steady work producing tools for thermoforming, vacuum forming and foam molding, and we’ve done a lot of repair work over the years on blow molding tools.

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MMT Chat: Vials for the Vaccine/Antibody Testing

Tri-Par Die & Mold Corp. has been doing work for the medical research industry for about 12 years, so the complexity and meaning of medical work is not lost on this team. However, when one of its West Coast customers dropped seven new molds on the team for making vials to collect DNA specifically to aid the development of a vaccine /antibody for the virus, they gladly accepted the challenge to deliver in 12 weeks.

These vials require hot runner molds.  To date, the biggest challenge to achieving their quoted lead time has been getting the hot runner suppliers to turn their delivery around more quickly.

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How to Use Servos and Sensors to Advance Process Control

What is the impact of a hydraulic water leak or scrapped parts to your bottom line? How about the cost savings of consolidating parts into one mold to reduce the total number of molds required for a job? Answers to questions like these require a mold builder to think differently about technology and how the right technology applied correctly can be a true competitive advantage and a way to reduce costs.

Take servo valve gate technology coupled with mold sensors, for example. Let me back up a bit first.

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