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We discovered a specific generational workforce challenge beyond that of not being able to find skilled workers once the next generation enters the workforce, the two generations are struggling to get through to the other or understand each other’s perspective. Both seasoned and new moldmaking professionals voiced this dilemma during our Amerimold 2019 30 Under 30 Happy Hour. And we believe that mentorship can help to get the conversation started.

Let’s step back and take a broader look at the value of the proposition of mentorship. In a nutshell, we are suggesting that all generations take the opportunity to mentor each other because there is something to be said for the experiential learning that can come from developing a relationship between a mentee and a mentor.

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By: Dr. Jongsun Kim 12/5/2019

How to Improve Tooling Supply Chain Transparency

When OEMs outsource their parts production to external suppliers, they are dependent on their suppliers to precisely track the number of units that will arrive, quality issues and expected delays. Many large OEMs still lack visibility into their tooling supply chain and struggle to track the exact status of their tooling.

For example, consider a large OEM that gives its tooling to a supplier and asks them to produce 100,000 parts within a month. Between the OEM sending the order and the supplier producing the products at the other end, the supplier does not provide updates and information. When the deadline hits, only 90,000 parts arrive on time, then three months later the tooling breaks down, and the reason for the early breakdown goes unidentified due to a lack of data.

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MoldMaking Technology’s Products section highlights equipment, software, components, services and other mold-specific innovations, maintaining a comprehensive list of products submitted from supplier companies. While our print issues can only fit a certain number of products each month, you can find many more here on our site, divided into convenient Zones based on your specific needs. 

As 2019 draws to an end, we’re stepping back to look through some of the most viewed products that YOU, our readers, have taken a glance at from MMT’s product archives. This list is compiled of products from many of our Zones, from mold materials designed for wear resistance, components used to deliver quality end products and to cutting tools that provide high-quality finishing operations. Take a look and decide if any of the following products can be used to bring your business success in 2020.

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Shop floor inspection can be a tedious or relatively innocuous part of daily operations, depending on the measurement and analysis methods shops use. However, automated measurement equipment solutions, comprising a CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM), flexible part fixturing, and automated part handling systems, enable operators to quickly and easily change the configuration in hours versus days to accommodate completely different or redesigned parts on the shop floor during production.

The automation also eliminates the need for dedicated measurement equipment for each mold, mold component, or even molded part, while simultaneously streamlining the analysis and storage of measurement data into smart systems. A smart system combines computer-integrated manufacturing, high levels of adaptability, rapid design changes and digital information technology to achieve a system that monitors the entire process.

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There are technical people who need to keep doing technical work and then there are organizers who help push work through and keep the technical people moving with their projects. Lorena Fisher is that organizer.

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