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By: Karen Cornelissen 20. February 2018

Tradeshow Tuesday: Twitter on the Tradeshow Floor, Part 1

Twitter is a free, microblogging social media service where registered users can send short statements, images and videos to other people and companies in their network of followers and to people who have similar interests. Interestingly, Twitter was originally created as a business communications tool.

Twitter let’s you share things like messages, images, videos, links, poll questions, responses to other tweets and your location. So, Twitter gives you a space to share a message and see what others are saying, and it gives you a space to share information in a variety of ways.  

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This blog is directed less to active members of the American Mold Builders Association and more to those who are less active or who do not belong to the AMBA. I would be “preaching to the choir” if I singled out active members. They know the value of showing up and truly being at industry events. They soak up the messages, the camaraderie, the lessons and more because they know how invaluable an opportunity these events are.

Having just come off of the AMBA Annual Conference, which was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the first significant event of the year that is geared solely to moldmaking, I can say that those who chose not to participate missed out on so many levels.

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Here are three common problems found in mold shops that DNC software can help with, according to Shop Floor Automations, Inc..

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Did you know vibration dampening tools can be very effective in roughing operations? They can, and this week’s TBT feature, titled Run Silent, Run Aggressive and contributed by Sandvik Coromont Co., explains how it works and why it might be more advantageous to shops looking to reduce lead times in machining processes (and who isn’t?).

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Phil Kerner, the Tool and Die Guy, from Erie, Pennsylvania, was someone I came across online a few years ago, who shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing and design, including setups, precision grinding, inspection, EDM, cutter grinding, shop math and moldmaking.

He has spent the last 35 years putting his experience to work in not only die cast dies and injection mold building, but also in fixture design and building as well as production machining. He believes he is one of the few guys left out there who can handle both the intricacies of injection mold building and can switch over to running production parts without too much thought.

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