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There's nothing ordinary about Integrity Tool & Mold (Integrity). From its founding in the Windsor suburb of Oldcastle in 2001, Integrity has been committed to lean design, advanced technology and continuous improvement, and it has paid off. By 2008, the young firm had built itself into a $60-million per year company. Today, that figure stands at around $150 million and the company has opened facilities in Pulaski, Tennessee, and Querétaro, Mexico. Yesterday's small Windsor-area shop now has 362 employees in Canada, over 600 employees globally and a total of 257,000 square feet. It has more than 100 spindles and produces about 400 plastic injection molds per year.

In recent years, Integrity's drive for continuous improvement and commitment to goals like quality and efficiency have been aided by Tebis software from Tebis America Inc. of Troy, Michigan. Tebis offers an integrated suite of CAD/CAM products. Apart from the power of the many individual modules, that each module uses the same database and user interface maximizes the speed and accuracy with which part data can be moved into production.

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If you want to provide exceptional service to your customer, then it’s important to realize that your job is not over once the mold is made. When the mold reaches the customer’s facility, its personnel, press and/or toolroom, there are still challenges you can help them overcome—upfront and on the back end.

Two back-to-back presentations at Amerimold next month address mold performance issues with a focus on mold maintenance and scientific molding strategies.  

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Leaders in all facets of manufacturing will be on hand at the National Association for Surface Finishing’s Sur/Fin Manufacturing and Technology Trade Show and Conference in Cleveland, June 4–6 to hear about the latest technology and science in the world of surface finishing.

The technical program features 83 presentations, including an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) panel discussion, offering attendees 42 hours of exposure to new and existing technology, and perhaps more importantly, access to the industry experts who are presenting.

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By: Karen Cornelissen 22. May 2018

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at Amerimold 2018, Part 5

Amerimold 2018 the annual event for mold manufacturing. This year it will be held June 13–14 in Novi, Michigan. Plan ahead by checking out this week’s slideshow, which highlights some of what will be on display at the show.

Preparing for Amerimold? Be sure to check out Amerimold Expo Zone, where you can find up-to-date information on show news, products, blogs and stories from the editors at MoldMaking Technology. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Leadtime Leader Award, so be sure to check out the Leadtime Leader Zone as well for coverage of this year’s competition.

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It is hard to believe that another NPE (National Plastics Exposition) has come and gone. Because this show is held every three years by the Plastics Industry Association, the buildup to it is almost like the buildup to Christmas. Everyone anticipates seeing, in action, cutting edge moldmaking and molding technologies, software, auxiliary equipment and machinery that will advance the plastics industry beyond expectations. It was here and gone in a flash, and we can say with complete honesty that this was one of the best NPE editions ever.

On the last day of NPE2018, we, the editors of MoldMaking Technology Magazine, sat down together to produce a fun wrap-up video about the show. (Stay tuned as we’ll be posting that video on our website and on social media soon, but see below sidebar for a related recap podcast!)

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