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If you are a mold builder looking for ways to reduce programming times and improve your machining processes, then consider these five steps:

Use CAD to design and help program faster rather than doing the math on your own. Working with a variety of customer file types that may come your way is a huge time saver, especially when working with solid model files or wireframe drawings. If you can open them, you can measure them, edit them and even convert them to g-code.

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James Caum, Technical Sales Specialist, Trent Wilson, Sales Manager, and Bert Shaw, Technical Sales for Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering joined me for an MMT Chat about their team’s involvement in building tooling for face shields.

Decatur Mold has 115 people on staff.  They are the largest mold builder in the state of Indiana with a very diverse portfolio. The team prides itself on its 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service department. The shop is known for tool repairs, quick engineering changes, speedy deliveries, and prototype molds.

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For the past two years I’ve been co-hosting The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast with Tony Demakis, leading discussions to get to know the people behind today’s mold-building and molding facilities, but being on the other end of the conversation is quite a different experience. Honestly, it was quite fun (and such an honor)!

If you are not familiar with The WAM Podcast, let me fill you in before I selfishly promote Episode #96  focused on MoldMaking Technology and Amerimold—your industry media brand and event;-). 

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Blue Wave Ultrasonic Inc. manufactures heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning systems for the mold and tooling industry. Their heavy duty equipment can tolerate the heavy cycle times and high temperatures needed to produce high-quality outputs for mold and tool shops. Blue Wave's transducer, made of pure nickel, allows for supreme longevity in its life cycle, giving tool shops decades of quality production in their heavy duty cleaning systems. In this video from last year’s Amerimold, Jeff Hancock, sales director at Blue Wave demonstrates this technology.

Hancock: The benefit of our technology is that it does not break down over time and lasts for decades. This type is okay for cheap applications where you don't want to spend a lot of money, but you don't need something that's heavy duty. You'd find this on your jewelry cleaners, etc..

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Canadian Manufacturing Ramp Up Accelerating

After Canadian manufacturing began setting its return to work guidelines, ramp up is underway in manufacturing and automation, with health and safety and a mostly closed border being some key issues for manufacturers.

Automate Canada and the Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) have conducted surveys of the mold, tool, die and industrial automation sectors in Canada since mid-March, connecting with essential businesses vital to restarting Canada’s economic engine. After two months of weekly surveys, the most recent indicates the ramp up in these sectors is gaining momentum.

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