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By: Paul Huber 7/26/2019

Developing STEM's Future Workforce

It’s a slow ride with many obstacles yet to overcome. Unfortunately, while most industrialized countries have improved their educational systems, the skill level of the average American student has not risen during the past 15 years. Our K-12 education must be improved in every state before we lose our competitive world market edge. This major roadblock is slowing down the creation of our future workforce to meet Industry 4.0 needs.

Thanks to a few private citizens, we now have alternate routes to reach our destination. Charles Vela used his STEM Institute to create a summer program for talented local youth in Washington, D.C. during the late 1950s. His science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum was quickly adopted by our nation’s educators and schools. One of his many awards was the Presidential Award of Excellence in science, mathematics and engineering mentoring presented at a White House ceremony in March 2004. Unfortunately, to date, only 17 states have implemented middle and high school STEM curriculum. Most others do not budget funds needed for hiring qualified STEM teachers.

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2019 Sourcing Guide: EDM

MoldMaking Technology’s online database offers more than 1,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers for more than 200 product and service categories that you employ daily. To keep this information current, MoldMaking Technology surveys and updates its supplier database every spring with the latest company contact information and product/service offerings.

This month’s Technology Review and Sourcing Guide includes a portion of that database listed in sourcing grids tailored to match suppliers with their respective product/service offerings along with a sample of product releases that the magazine featured throughout the year. These are the 40 companies from the July 2019 EDM section:

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Industry 4.0 will once again be one of the dominating themes at EMO 2019, and new concepts are emerging in all areas—for machines, components, controls, measuring systems and material flows. "We are convinced that EMO Hannover 2019 will be a hotspot for new offerings and solutions for the smart factory," Dr. Wilfried Schäfer from organizer VDW said.

A new exhibition area dedicated to “IoT in Production” in Hall 9 will highlight all facets of Industry 4.0:

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Shops continue to adopt intelligent manufacturing principles that require connection and communication of data across all machine-tool, sensor and human resources. This data creates a virtual model that tests scenarios to improve uptime and throughput and to predict and better manage production capacity and estimated delivery times. The user also can plan and check continuous improvement activities against this model, which results in more efficient and profitable shops without costly trial and error. The more data that is collected, the more robust the virtual model.

Many moldmakers are already investing in intelligent manufacturing because the promise of improved product accuracy with less re-work and scrap is hard to ignore. Plus, better use of resources results in more on-time delivery and fewer overtime costs. 

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