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A Message from O.R. Laser

OR Laser - Industrial Laser Welding Machines Made in Germany

Repair, Design Change, Rebuild any shape any sizeThe EVO Mobile is extremely easy to use and fully mobile.

Mold and Die Repair, Series Runs, Fast, Efficient, Powerful

This system leaves no wish unfulfilled in the processing of small to medium size Molds, Dies or Tools.

Powerful, Reliable, Adaptable

The HTS mobile laser welding system combines flexibility and stability in the servicing and repairing of small precision components as well as large die-casting molds in Tool Steel, Aluminum, and exotic materials.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Renishaw’s four-laser metal AM system

Stand-Alone Additive Manufacturing Is a Thing of the Past
Additive manufacturing (AM) is no longer considered a stand-alone technology but is increasingly being integrated in existing manufacturing processes.

laser scanning accelerates inspection

Technology Showcase: More Case Studies for Moldmaking
This week’s Tech Showcase brings yet more case studies featuring the practical application of products for moldmaking.

Heidenhain's KGM 281 grid encoder

Technology Showcase: Machining, AM and Software
With Amerimold in our rear-view mirror for the time being, there are still several new products that have been released, or will be soon, to bring to MMT readers’ attention.

OR Laser Orlas Creator

Economic 3D Printer Uses Powder Bed Process
OR Laser’s Orlas Creator has a powder bed process that uses a high-quality laser and a recoater blade with speeds said to be up to 30 percent faster than comparable systems.

OR Laser automated powder nozzle for laser welding systems

Powder Nozzle Enables Fast Modification of Molds
O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH has developed an automated powder nozzle for existing laser welding systems that enables use of direct metal deposition (DMD) instead of manual laser cladding for modifying and repairing injection molds and dies.

multi cavity molds

New Era, Same Winning Formula
This company succeeds by staying up-to-date on technology and being willing to do a bit extra in the name of customer service.

laser welder

Laser-Focused on Lean
This toolroom made significant strides in reducing waste and improving workflow with the addition of just one piece of equipment: a mobile, flexible laser welding system.

Combination Cladding System Includes Powder Nozzle
O.R. Laser’s LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder cladding features an optional powder nozzle designed for low-cost and efficient welding of complex outlines.

Combination Welder Enables Wire and Powder Deposition
Displayed at NPE2015, the LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder deposition welding from O.R. Laser now features a powder nozzle that enables efficient welding of free and complex outlines, as well as form-close structures from CAD software programs.

Laser Welder Integrates Additive Process
Providing users with the option of laser powder cladding in addition to traditional laser welding is said to speed maintenance and repair operations and expand the range of available materials.

ECO160 Eco Laser

In-House Laser Welding Offers Quick ROI
Increasing pressure for ever-faster turnaround has made outsourcing this operation impractical for these three providers of mold repair and maintenance services.

micro tool welding

Business Booms with Advanced Micro-Laser Welding Capabilities
Micro Tool Welding combines the science of laser technology with experience in tool and die repair.

Micro Laser Welding and Micro TIG Welding
Combining the advanced science of laser technology with the experience in tool and die repair.

Laser Welding Increases Capabilities, Improves Surface Quality
“The finishes are consistent and meet the requirements of our customers. They want less labor and expenses for clean-up and revenue as well as the ability to save certain parts that would normally have to be replaced due to heat transfer.”

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