Technology Showcase: More Case Studies for Moldmaking

This week’s Tech Showcase brings yet more case studies featuring the practical application of products for moldmaking.


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Two weeks ago, I featured a few case studies that were originally published in MMT in 2015. As I said then, technologies may evolve but overall, hearing about how other shops are using various products to their advantage can be very helpful to those in need of objective feedback. So here we go with a slideshow and links to the balance of case study features from 2015.

In my previous Tech Showcase, case study topics focused on productionized machining, CAM software as it applies to prototype tooling, using machine-side systems for temperature and flow-rate monitoring to speed mold tryouts, enhanced machining precision, the benefits of laser welding systems, and cutting-tool technology that advanced feed rates. In this Tech Showcase, you’ll learn about:

As always, we welcome ideas for case study features from both supplier companies and mold manufacturers alike. It’s very valuable to provide evidence of a product’s efficacy that is based on the practical use of it. Email me with your ideas!