Technology Tuesday: Hot-Runner Maintenance

Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see articles and products on hot-runner maintenance.


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Got a leaky hot runner? Check out the Hot Runners Zone. Check out the latest products to monitor and clean your system, or get the details on the latest trends from suppliers, who are trying to remove complexity from moldmakers’ approach to hot runners. MoldMaking Technology has covered tons of angles on hot runners from maintenance to runner-selection strategies to help you make the best investments.

Interested in mold maintenance and repair? Check out the Mold Maintenance and Repair Zone. Get the inside scoop from professionals like Steve Johnson, president of MoldTrax and contributor of our “Maintenance Matters” column, or check out our case studies, which will give you insight on what has worked for other shops.

Featured in this week’s slideshow are articles and products from Mold-Masters/Milacron, DME/Milacron, MoldTrax Maintenance Solutions, Plastixs LLC, Alliance Laser Sales and ToolingDocs.