Giving Mold Builders Additive Capabilities, Super Creativity

I saw my first 3D-printed hot runner manifold at K 2019 in Germany, but the system did not have a name yet.  Fast forward to 2020 and it not only has a name, but it’s been successfully implemented in a number of applications across Europe.  And today, it’s ready for the North American marketplace.
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Compact Valve Gate For Small Injection Molding Machines

The Ewikon L2X-Mikro high-performance hot runner system can be integrated into all common mold sizes for injection mold machines. 

Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Enables Reduced Pitch

The newly released S Series Cylinder by HRSflow enables a minimum nozzle pitch of 37 mm and is suitable for technical materials.

Internally Heated Hot Sprue Bushing Provides Temperature Control/Uniformity

The Melt Design Dual Zone Hot Sprue Bushing offers dual heaters for independent adjustments and an improved, more even melt flow.

Alarm System Detects Early Nozzle, Hot Runner Leaks

Plastixs offers the AIRTECT plastic leak alarm system that protects up to 32 nozzle, barrel and hot runner zones via a built-in pressure differential sensor.

Improved Valve Gate Tip Range Offer Durability, Efficiency, Increased Gate Life

Mastip improves the endurance of its Guided Valve Gate Tip range with a tungsten carbide and TIN coating, meeting required performance even with abrasive polymer applications.

HRSflow Demonstrates FLEXflo Evo Continuous Flexible Flow Control for Injection Molding

To outline the system’s potential in live demonstrations, HRSflow has produced three demonstration molds available to customers for trials, material tests and training.

Hot Runner Gate Nozzle Enables Compact Installation 

Technoject Machinery’s Starline Edge Gate Nozzle has been made for short installation height with improved gate well configuration and disassembly.

Direct Gated Valve Gate Component for More Controlled Melt Flow

The SoftGate Velocity VG pin from INCOE allows for a “gentle” plastic flow to eliminate blemishes to the decorative film.

Hot Runner Unit Presents High Precision Control

The Hasco Primezone H1281 hot runner control unit includes an ergonomic interface and comprehensive diagnostic functions.


How to Correctly Diagnose Hot Runner Electrical Issues

Watch to learn how misdiagnosing temperature control issues caused by defective or incorrectly wired components can make finding root cause and solving the problem difficult and time consuming.

K Show Report: Next-Level Efficiency and Control

With a show as big as K 2019 with more than 3,000 exhibitors from 63 nations, you may think that identifying a theme among all the technology would be difficult, but after all is said and done, two words come to mind: efficiency and control.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hot Runner Systems and How to Optimize Their Performance

MoldTrax Hot Runner Extravaganza brings a wealth of expertise and advice for making the most out of the hot runner design, function and performance.

Cyclic Cavity Temperature Control System Targets Excellent Component Surface Finish

Ready for integration within the tool, the Hotset America Z-System detects and prevents weld lines or component dullness, while offering controlled heating and cooling.

Melt Delivery and Control System Enables Ultimate Design Freedom

Scalable to 128 cavities, Husky’s UltraShot Injection System offers the injection molding process unconstrained part design and risk-free scalability.

Gate Bushing Minimizes Nozzle Component Damage

Thermoplay’s D-bushing component for hot runner nozzles is equipped with a double sealing ring to prevent leaks, protect components and improve insulation.

Servo Electric Valve Gate Design Minimizes Stack Heights, Simplifies Design, Improves Control

Mold-Masters’ second-generation SeVG+ motor system enhances control and precision over individual valve pins and offers users more interchangeability.

Hot Runner Technologies Benefit Performance and Flexibility

HRSflow has developed advanced hot runner technologies like the precise HyFlow, the wear-resistant Hyper-GF and the flexible FLEXflow Evo film injector.

Adaptive PET Preform Mold Meets Fluid Production Requirements

To meet continuously changing consumer demands, Husky highlights the NexPET system which supports a wider variety of applications, more SKUs, shorter production runs and more frequent design changeovers.