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Women with pry bars breaking down a mold

Hands-on Workshop Teaches Mold Maintenance Process
Intensive workshop teaches the process of mold maintenance to help put an end to the firefighting culture of many toolrooms.

Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about Improving Your Third-Party Mold Maintenance Culture
Husqvarna and MoldTrax have teamed up to review a PM action plan and the barriers to systemize and change the mold maintenance and repair culture across multiple facilities.

man cleaning mold components

Maintaining Mold Components
Toolroom technicians must include frame plates, frame components, and cavity tooling when developing a mold maintenance plan.

top ten x-stop reasons shown in a pie graph

How Will Industry 4.0 Impact Mold Maintenance?
Many toolrooms want to replace manual entries with electronic data when creating maintenance work orders and providing past historical issues, corrective actions and the effectiveness level of resolutions, but technicians require more information than electronic signals can provide to prove a return on investment of their time.

Dry Ice Cleaning using Cold Jet system

Complex Molds Require Advanced Maintenance Strategies
As molds become more complex in design and function, the demand for advanced training and equipment for mold maintenance increases.

man with hammer

How to Set Accurate Manifold Preventive-Maintenance Frequencies, Part 3
The only thing that can mess up a solid PM plan for a manifold is a poorly designed system, and there are a variety of manifold designs and complexity levels. Many design features are the root cause of postponing a manifold PM until it breaks down.

Injection Mold Design and Maintenance Event
MoldTrax and Routsis Training Inc. are hosting a three day seminar and workshop on practical mold design and maintenance.

Amerimold 2018 logo

Scenes from Amerimold 2018 in Novi, Michigan
From technology demos and tech talks to awards and arcade games, Amerimold had much to offer industry this year.


How to Set Accurate Manifold Preventive-Maintenance Frequencies, Part 2
The key to developing accurate and timely PM work instructions is understanding the impact of environmental factors on manifold performance.

men working on hot runner manifold

How to Set Accurate Manifold Preventive Maintenance Frequencies
Clearly setting accurate manifold preventive maintenance frequencies requires reliable comparative data on how a hot runner system performs over time.

Performance Dashboard Consolidates Key Data for Efficiency
MTSQ from MoldTrax is a documentation software for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies.

Joint Presentation Covers Mold Performance Troubleshooting
Beaumont’s AIM Institute and MoldTrax team up to present Proactive Strategies to Troubleshoot Mold Performance Issues.

amerimold 2018 logo

Connecting Mold Builders and Buyers at Amerimold 2018
Mold buyers and builders experience many of the same challenges for which they are each seeking solutions and that is where Amerimold comes into play.

Amerimold: Solving Customer Problems
Two back-to-back presentations at Amerimold next month address mold performance issues with a focus on mold maintenance and scientific molding strategies.

Disorganized and dirty toolroom

Maintenance Matters: Look How Far Mold Repair Has Come
To understand how repair shops have changed over 20 years, look at a company’s ability to break down, measure and apply specific data in the five factors of total mold control.

Fixing the electrical controls on a hot runner system.

Throwback Thursday: Hot Manifold Repair: What’s so Tough about it?
Today’s TBT discusses how maintaining a typical hot runner system takes mold maintenance skills to the next level.


Technology Tuesday: Hot-Runner Maintenance
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see articles and products on hot-runner maintenance.

Christina Fuges

Collaborate to Educate on Plastics Technologies
Moldmakers, industry consultants and technology suppliers collaborate to educate on plastics technologies.

worker sits at sturdy, mobile computer station

Maintenance Matters: The Physical Side of Data Entry
A mobile documentation station promotes on-the-fly data entry and usage for mold repair technicians, ingraining documentation into the daily maintenance process.

The Ransohoff Mega Jet Pressure Blast

Technology Tuesday: Mold Maintenance and Repair Products
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see the latest products in mold maintenance and repair.

Moldmakers Choose Different Pathways to Workforce Development
Mold manufacturing companies share their strategies, the challenges they face and their commitment to training the next generation of makers.

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