Mold Maintenance and Repair

To keep a mold running it needs to be properly maintained and repaired. Essential processes include mold tryout, welding, cleaning and retrofitting.
Rendering of a bumper mold with conventional and conformal cooling showing required coolant hole layout.
Feature Articles

3D Robotic Deposition Advances Conformal Cooling

A new conformal cooling technique has emerged, rooted in a multilayer robotic deposition technology that is capable of manufacturing near-net shape objects.


A Look at Full Solid State and Nd:YAG Laser Welders

A look at the efficiency, cooling and mobility features and functions of Nd:YAG laser and full solid state (FSS) laser systems.

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New Product

Dry Ice Blasting Cleans Molds without Chemicals or Abrasives

At Plastec West, Cold Jet will demonstrate its i³ MicroClean dry ice blasting technology, a non-abrasive cleaning method that cleans molds in place at operating temperatures.

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