Alarm System Detects Nozzle and Hot Runner Leaks Early

The Airtect Plastic Leak Alarm system detects leaks by sensing small changes in air flow rate or pressure.

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The Airtect System from Plastixs, LLC detects leaks of molten plastic material at the main injection nozzle, within a hot runner mold or at any location where the detecting leaking plastic material reduces damage.

The Airtect Plastic Leak Alarm System detects leaks directly by sensing small changes in air flow rate or pressure. The system responds to a leak when the leaked material blocks a stainless-steel detector tube or when the leaked material deforms or constricts a silicone rubber tube anywhere along its length.

The Airtect System is available in leak alarm modules for leak detection at the main injection nozzle (catalogue numbers LA500 and LM20500, respectively) and in multi-zone expansion manifold units for hot runner mold installations (catalogue numbers LA508 and LA516, for eight and 16 zones, respectively). The leak alarm modules for the main injection nozzle also operate as the control or the interlock unit for the expansion manifold systems. These manifold systems are available in fixed or modular blocks for the 8-zone Alarm System. The 8-zone and 16-zone manifold blocks are interconnectable to give the Plastic Leak Alarm System as many as 32 zones.