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At Mold-Masters, Design is the Difference

Mold-Masters Limited is the global leader in hot runner technology.

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Hot Runner Series Ideal for Molding with Challenging Resins

Hot Runner Series Ideal for Molding with Challenging Resins
Mold-Masters/Milacron offers its latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and precision.

tool bench

Getting Hot and Heavy during a Little Hot Runner Training
If a mold is the heart of a molding system, then the hot runner system is the heart of a hot runner mold, and I recently learned that there is a lot to know when it comes to designing and maintaining these systems to ensure optimal mold and part quality and performance.

MoldTrax LLC Hot Runner Extravaganza 2019 classroom

MoldTrax Hot Runner Extravaganza Delivers on Expertise and Education
The “Who’s Who” in processing and hot runner technologies turned out to educate attendees with well-honed wisdom and experience.

Dry Ice Cleaning using Cold Jet system

Complex Molds Require Advanced Maintenance Strategies
As molds become more complex in design and function, the demand for advanced training and equipment for mold maintenance increases.

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Hot Runners
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including hot runners.


Moldmaking on Full Display at NPE2018
Collaboration is the name of the game, as more than 60 North American mold builders showcased their capabilities in shared demonstrations across the show floor.

Accede Mold & Tool machine

Servo Display Features Two-Shot Injection Mold Applications
Accede Mold & Tool's display includes six servo-driven in-mold actions that highlight lift-and-rotate and cube technology for two-shot plastic injection mold applications. 

Booth Collaboration Produces Two-Component Drinking Glass
A Grosfilley mold runs on a new model of injection machine in booth W2703 of Milacron, Inc., in a system together with a Mold-Masters hot-runner system and E-Multi auxiliary injector.

Side Gating Hot Runner Solution Cuts Assembly Times
Mold-Masters Milacron has its Melt CUBE side gating hot runner solution on display at NPE2018. 


Technology Tuesday: Hot-Runner Maintenance
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see articles and products on hot-runner maintenance.

Example of servo-controlled valve gate hot runner system from HRS Flow.

Hot Runner Technologies Aim to Simplify Moldmakers’ Approaches
Hot runner suppliers are developing solutions that remove complexities from the way that moldmakers and molders design, control and maintain their processes.

Summary of Mexico plastics industry information

Statistics Uphold Mexico’s Importance in Plastics Industry
Did you know that Mexico is the world’s second largest importer of molds and tools?

Building a Better Tool
Collaboration was key to building a mold that would drastically cut cycle time.

K 2016

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, After K
By all accounts K 2016 was a success. According to show management, attendees were delighted with the wealth of new technical developments presented by raw materials producers, machinery manufacturers and producers of semi-finished and technical parts. Here are some technology highlights.

hot runner controller tech

Controlling Your Hot Runner Manifold System
Moldmakers and molders need to better understand modern hot runner controller technology to solve processing problems.

Mold Project Teaches Criticality of Design Phase Collab

Mold Project Teaches Criticality of Design Phase Collab
Prestige Mold, Eastman Chemical Company, Mold-Masters (owned by Milacron LLC) and Pres-Tek Plastics joined forces on a project to solve customer challenges with producing small medical device parts made of Tritan™ copolyester with a multi-cavity hot runner mold. I spoke with Eastman's market development manager for medical devices to learn more about the Eastman-Prestige collaboration.


The Pellet Enters the Melt Delivery System
Choosing a hot or cold runner system is a decision for the molder and moldmaker that must balance the processing window with budget and time.

The Hot or Cold Choice
Working through a series of structured questions designed to filter away the many choices in cold and hot runner system design is a great, repeatable place to start.

two shot cube water test

An Adaptable Approach to Multi-Material Sampling
An auxiliary plastic injection unit has helped this moldmaker expand sampling capabilities and transition customers to unfamiliar processes with minimal risk and expense.

Seven-Component Mold

Seven-Component Mold
A seven-component mold technology allows toothbrushes to be made without time-consuming color changes. This complex multi-component mold can be a cost-effective solution for making identical products with different colors.

Mold-Masters’ MPET Division Presents Comprehensive Line-up of New Product Developments at drinktec
All latest developments will be presented under the roof of a brand-new booth at drinktec.

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