Technology Roundup: Moldmaking Technologies You Might Have Missed

This digital-only product/service roundup covers a wide variety of machining, EDM and cutting tool products, with more to come. ANCA, Tungaloy, Sodick, Dormer Pramet, Mazak, Siemens are a few highlighted companies. 

CNC and Robotics Integration Simplifies Operations

The FANUC Quick and Simple Startup of Robotization (QSSR) feature enables FANUC CNCs to directly program robotos through a G-code format.

High-Pressure Coolant System Line Offers Machine Tool Application Flexibility

The LNS North America ChipBLASTER line has been divided into the B-, F- and V-Series, according to pressure and application for easier selection.

Angle Head Line Accommodates All Machine Tool and CNC Machining Centers

Angle head line from Heimatec offers standard and custom styles for all tapers, including HSK and BT30.

Pre-Defined System Packages Offer Most Frequently Used CNC, Drive, Motor and Accessories

The Siemens Fast Track Program ensures fast and efficient delivery in less than 10 business days for U.S. customers, as well as a price discount.

Robotic Arm Gripper Achieves Automated, Quick-Change Design

The RV36 Gripper improves efficiency with quick-change, customizable jaws and custom accessories.

February Machine Tool Order Growth Fastest Since September 2018

Order growth is booming as the GBI: Metalworking hits all-time highs as a result of strong growth in new orders and production at machine shops.

Face Shield Safeguards Against Machining Equipment

The Rockford Systems’ Protector Shields defends operators from flying debris, lubricants, coolants and swarf from cutting and turning machines.

The 2020 World Machine Tool Survey Shows Machine Tool Downturn Continued

The 2020 World Machine Tool Survey details the machine tool production, imports, exports and consumption of 62 countries, as well as trends in key leading indicators and the top five imported and exported machine tool types.

RCN Angle Encoders Advance Machine Tool and Direct-Drive Motor Performance

The Heidenhain RCN absolute angle encoder series comes in three new models and is ideal for applications requiring highly accurate positioning and high speeds.


CNC Tool Grinder Upgrades Spindle Options For One Pass Productivity

The ANCA FX5 Linear machine focuses on achieving short cycle times and maximize material removal rate with upgraded 12-kW- and 19-kW-powered spindle options.

MMT Chats: Hot Rods, Performance, Predictable Manufacturing and Building a Legacy

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with three team members of Eden Tool Company and Eden Manufacturing to learn the "details" about how this mold builder also became a manufacturer of engineered medical components.

Predictive Manufacturing Moves Mold Builder into Advanced Medical Component Manufacturing

From a hot rod hobby, medical molds and shop performance to technology extremes, key relationships and a growth strategy, it’s obvious details matter at Eden Tool.

Manual Machine Vise Handles Prismatic and Round Parts

Roemheld’s PC 80 Clamping System offers fixed jaw and self-centering options and eliminates the need for additional custom workholding solutions.

Coolant Monitoring System Combines Cloud-Based Platform, Plug & Play for Maximum Monitoring Flexibility

Liquidtool Systems’ Liquidtool Manager and its associated sensor enable users to take reliable, regular measurements with minimal effort, with secure access to all current and historical measurement data.

Voice-Enabled Technology Assists Machine Tool Building Production

Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, iTSpeeX’s voice assistant, Athena, is able to interact with machine tool operators via a machine’s existing control screen or a separate display.

Enhanced Vertical Machining Center Efficiently Machines Multiple Workpiece Surfaces

The simultaneous five-axis design from Mazak increases automation integration capabilities and more rapid machining.

Thread Grinding Machine Facilitates Consistent Precision and High Processing Speeds

The Mitsui Seiki GSH 200A has been engineered to handle a wide variety of workpiece sizes and enables flexible application.

Vertical Multi-Tasking Machine Eliminates Gear-Cutting Guesswork

Combing full five-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities, the Mazak Integrex i-630V AG Hybrid enables gear cutting control via optimized digital enhancements.