Mold Components

Mold Inserts Ensure Versatile Traceability Solutions

DME is providing customers with mold inserts for date, part and resin identification. 

Mold Components

Daters and Center Inserts Provide Continuous Quality and Reliability

CUMSA USA continues to provide continuous reliability and quality with its stainless steel original daters and center insert components.

Cutting Tools

Drill Head Series Provide Consistent Performance

Sunnen Products Company offers a series of drill heads, inserts and pads that are directly interchangeable with Sandvik deep-hole drilling tools.

Cutting Tools

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter Improves Roughing Operations and Reduces Power Consumption

Seco Tool introduces its double square shoulder cutter design and inserts for more cost-effective and sustainable production. 

Cutting Tools

Heavy Duty Round Reversible Toolholders Increase Cutting Performance

Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company Inc., introduces a toolholder option that takes advantage of the full line of inserts for grooving, threading, face grooving and custom applications.

Maintenance & Repair

Descaling Cart and Solution Cleans, Coats and Prevents Corrosion in Cooling Lines

PCS Company, together with iD Additives, announces the environmentally friendly Eco-Pro 360 Descaler Cart and Solution.

BIG KAISER Adds New Inserts to Offerings

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling is adding more than 30 pressed-geometry carbide inserts for its tools.

Cutting Tools

Expanded Indexable Threading Tools Ensure Minimum Interference

Tungaloy expands its TungThread line of indexable threading tools to include 11ER external threading inserts as well as 8 by 8 mm and 10 by 10 mm square shank holders to accommodate the new inserts.

Additive Manufacturing

Mold Builder Learns How to Use Hybrid AM to Build Conformal-Cooled Inserts

It is one thing to understand additive technology, but it is another to know when to invest, who to partner with and how to sell its value.

Mold Components

Couplings Suited for Rapid Coupling of Heating/Cooling Lines

Hasco adds multiple shut-off couplings and nipples to its range especially for high-temperature applications.

Mold Components

E-commerce Available to Purchase CUMSA Center Inserts, Daters with Traceability Components

CUMSA USA has officially announced the launch of its new e-commerce site, www.cumsausa.shop, as of September 30, 2019.

Additive Manufacturing

Video: Metal AM Affects Plastics Production via Conformal Cooling

Additive manufacturing allows cooling channels within mold tooling inserts to follow the form of the tool rather than being straight drilled holes. Here’s why this matters.

Cutting Tools

Drill Inserts Provide Greater Stability, Improved Performance

YG-1’s SV-point spade drill inserts provide longer tool life at higher spindle speeds and feeds.

Additive Manufacturing

H13 Laser Sintering Process for Robust Tooling

Partnership is the key to developing advanced process parameters for producing robust H13 tooling using laser sintering process.

Additive Manufacturing

A Systematic Approach to Laser Sintering

As an early adopter of laser sintering technology, NyproMold uses a very focused, two-step strategy for evaluating when it makes sense to use it.

Hybrid Milling Machine Improves Cycle Times and Part Yields

Custom Mold & Design Expands Services with purchase of a Matsuura Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering, hybrid milling machine. 

Hybrid Milling Machine Fuses Metal Laser Sintering and High Speed

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. will exhibit the Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine at Amerimold.

Additive Manufacturing

Conformal Cooling: Not Just Faster Parts but Better Parts

EVCO Plastics has been offering DMLS conformal-cooled inserts for years and like many shops today, they outsource this work to mold builders who have expertise in DMLS.

Mold Components

Angle Pin Inserts Reduce Setup Times

PCS Company’s angle pin inserts reduce setup time by allowing the moldmaker to machine while doing other flat work.

Additive Manufacturing

Capability to 3D Print H13 Delivers Robust Tooling

Direct metal laser sintering H13 material plays a big role in how this company has differentiated itself from the competition.

Mold Components

Tooling: New Safety Couplings for Mold Cooling Lines

Hasco’s new couplings have an automatic safety lock.

Hot Runners

How to Improve Melt Distribution with Diffusion-Bonded Manifolds

Diffusion bonding for manifold manufacturing offers design freedom for optimizing hot runner melt distribution, reducing color change-over time, cavity-to-cavity weight variation, peak injection pressures, melt degradation, and resin flow stress.

Cutting Tools

New LP09 inserts Combine Higher Insert Corner Strength with Dual Cutting Edges

Seco Tools’ new, larger LP09 inserts combine higher insert corner strength with dual cutting edges to speed face milling.

Mold Components

Latch Function on Stamp Prevents Movement on Arrow Inserts

Meusburger says that its stamps have a latch function that fixes the arrow insert into defined positions and guarantees that the arrow remains in a fixed position.