Mold Inserts Ensure Versatile Traceability Solutions

DME is providing customers with mold inserts for date, part and resin identification. 


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DME mold date inserts

In addition to strengthening its other capabilities, DME has recently devoted R&D time to provide a variety of mold inserts for date, part and resin identification to meet market trends.

To boost mold uptime, DME says its inserts can be changed from the parting line, eliminating the need to remove the tool. The company also offers a blind hole/high-temp insert for high-temperature processing, which with an enhanced cooling design can further improve customer cycle times.

DME set the standard years ago for the short version insert and now the company introduces longer length OEM inserts manufactured in Europe to ensure customers can receive the same high-quality they relied on for years.

In order to address the growth of recycling, DME is further offering a full line of SPI Recycle codes, and ASTM resin and Food Container identifiers.

QR-Codes inserts are another option DME now offers to add information to the molded part. They are cost-effective, can be easily inserted and replaced, and are permanently fixed to avoid wearing off.

More traceability solutions can be found at DME’s website.