SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Machining

From adopting five-axis machining at a higher level to finding ways to "productionize" mold building to using more modular workholding, mold manufacturers are commited to investing in today's machining technology to stay on top of their game. Here is some of the latest product news.


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From adopting five-axis machining at a higher level to finding ways to "productionize" mold building to using more modular workholding, mold manufacturers are commited to investing in today's machning technology to stay on top of their game.

For example, many mold builders today are using multi-tasking machines with roughing and finishing capabilities. Others are implementing well-planned machining strategies, such as batching different jobs together (programming and machining) for lights-out operations. Still others are employing modular workholding systems in their small component area (slides, lifters, cams, inserts are machined) to quicken workflow and increase unattended machining and to help ensure part quality and safety. This includes multi-axis workholding solutions and modular clamping solution that locate and stablize workpieces that are obstructing access to the sides and top of a part, reducing set up and changeover timess and increasing repeatability. 

Mold builders are also performing high-speed machining/milling of molds on new five axis machines because of their high spindle speeds and linear motor technology. They are finally realizing the true potential of five axis machining to improve surface finish quality and cut machining cycle times. Some are finishing parts in the hardened stage without EDM. 

This slideshow highlights some of the latest machining technology products.