MMT's June Digital Edition Is Available

This month we not only feature our 2017 Leadtime Leader Winner and Honorable Mention shops, we also offer an extensive Amerimold Exhibitor Product Showcase to guide you through the aisles of the event next week, and much more.


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This month we recognize our 2017 Leadtime Leader Winner: Graphic Tool Corporation and our Honorable Mention: Concours Mold.  We also honor more female thinkers, organizers and relationship builders who are influencing our industry’s future in part two of our Women Impacting Moldmaking feature. In addition, we cover, design enhancements for a conformal-cooled insert leverage 3D printing capabilities,  conformal water line design guidelines, how circle-segment end mills can greatly improve five-axis prefinishing and finishing mold operations and how to improve mold sales.

We also introduce new editorial advisory board member Gabe Meldrum of International Mold, two case studies with video demos on additive manufacturing/machining and cutting tools, Maintenance Matters on shimming, International Perspective on electrochemical mold polishing, Skills Center on print reading, The Bottom Line on the R&D tax credit,  End Market Reports on consumer products and electronics and a mold components tip on rotating devices for continuous threads.

Just to whet your appetite, here are five great tips from our June issue:

1 3D printing is accessible from a cost perspective if the design constraints of the direct metal printing process are anticipated in the final part or insert design.

2 It  is clear that water volume is a major factor for decreasing the cooling cycle time. The more, the better. Another factor is water turbulence.

3 When dealing with mold and die components that demand high precision, especially for mating surfaces, the finish process holds the key for reducing machining cycle time.

4 Parallel mode is a high-performance 3D printing technology that does not add more laser units to the machine, but instead sinters material at three different locations nearly simultaneously using a single beam.

5 Two keys to new deep-hole-drilling tools for improved performance through the cross holes are an inscribed-circle insert and more extensive guide pads.