MoldMaking Technology's Top-Viewed December Content: CAM, MMT Chats, Design and Business

The MoldMaking Technology team has compiled this list of some of the top items that you, our audience, have looked at the most. Check out these ten items from December.


New Webinar: How to Use Simulation to Reduce Material and Part Cost

Register for this free webinar on reducing downstream risk through injection molding simulation software.

CAD/CAM Software Suite Enhancements Optimize Machine Tools and Molds

Latest hyperMILL 2021.1 CAD/CAM software suite updates offers several innovative features for efficient 3D, 5-axis and mill/turn machining

Digital Twin Software Update Enhances Functionality

NCSIMUL 2021 from Hexagon Production Software further increases shop-floor productivity and reduces manufacturing costs with improvements to detecting excess material, setup editing and wear on cutting tool simulation.

Faster WORKNC Delivers on Performance

The Hexagon WORKNC 2021 software release offers faster toolpaths and a simpler user experience for improved productivity. 

EDGECAM 2021 Software Ensures Faster Waveform Roughing Functionality

The updated CAD/CAM software from Hexagon Production Software boosts customer productivity with lower computer-processing time and faster toolpaths.

WEBINAR: How Do You Reduce Risk in Plastic Part Design and Manufacturing?

The answer is simulation, of course. In this free on-demand webinar, you will learn how to use upfront simulation to reduce manufacturing risk, design of experiments to make more informed decisions and simulation input to speed machine start up.

Toolroom Perspective on Micro Molding

Design for manufacturing, or more specifically design for micro molding is critical to this mold manufacturing niche as it presents unique challenges and impacts the tool build.

3 Simple Strategies of Scientific Injection Molding

Enhance part design, mold design and processing conditions by using the inputs from scientific injection molding in three easy steps.

Kubotek Updates Kosmos 3D Framework

Building engineering software has been made more streamlined with version 3.0 of Kubotek’s Kosmos 3D Framework, a set of advanced, multi-platform software components. 


MMT Chats: Lessons in Simulation

This mechanical engineer has a passion for simulation because he has spent most of his career working in injection molding and truly sees the value of detecting problems early in the design phase of a project.

VIDEO: 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Shares Business Strategies with CNC Machine Shops

Emily Probst, Senior Editor with Modern Machine Shop reached out to me to chat about our 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Precise Tooling Solutions to learn about key business aspects of this winning specialty manufacturer to share with her CNC machine shop readers.

CAM Software Speeds Programming and Optimizes Production

Precision Mold and Machining Services gains more control, accuracy and capacity, and better surface finish, with high-performance CAM software.

From CAM, Cutters and Cooling to Corrosion, Cleaning and Control

A review of the year’s top tips on technologies and strategies to improve moldmaking operations from design to first shot.
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Mold and Die CAD/CAM Software Offers Productivity Enhancements, Time Savings

Hexagon’s VISI 2021 software offers a range of new and enhanced functionality features under its CAD, Mold, Progress, CAM, Simulation and Wire Function capabilities.

MMT Chats: Breaking Down Design, Data, and More

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with the program and sales manager for Michael Tool and Mold of Ontario Canada about mold design and data trends.

December Technology Roundup: Digital-Only

MMT presents a compilation of digital-only new/proven product content. Hot runners, machining, automation and software categories can be found below. 

SolidCAD Acquires Autodesk Reseller, AMS 360 Inc.

Marked as SolidCAD’s third acquisition since 2019, the merge serves to support and service manufacturers across Canada with leading-edge CAM training, custom programming solutions and consulting services. 

ToolRoom Software Supports Manufacturing of Complex Endmills

The support of new tool types with ANCA’s upgraded wizard-based BSB software improves productivity, lengthens tool life and makes for faster cycle times.