How to Analyze and Optimize Cutting Conditions to Reduce Cycle Time

Plastic injection mold design and manufacturing company puts NC program optimization software module to the test. The results were surprising.
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New Webinar: How to Use Simulation to Reduce Material and Part Cost

Register for this free webinar on reducing downstream risk through injection molding simulation software.

New Finishing Toolpaths Simplify Programming

Autodesk’s newly released PowerMill 2022 offers a range of improvements and new capabilities to optimize toolpath utilization and increase user simplification.

Enhanced CAD/CAM Software Optimizes User Experience and Design Process Speed

VISI 2022.0 from Hexagon offers CAD and CAM updates from optimized and new commands, 30-60% 3D roughing operation calculations and easier file transfer between versions.

CAM System Eliminates Overtravel Issues, Saves Programming Time

CAM-tool by CGS North America provides mold and die manufactures a wide range of modeling capabilities and will be releasing additional improvements for increased optimization.

All-In-One CAD/CAM System Streamlines Mold, Die and Model Design and Manufacturer

Tebis 4.1 from Tebis America enables manufacturers to automate the design and build process, while improving safety, efficiency and quality. 

Post Processor Optimizes CNC Five-Axis Capabilities 

Mastercam’s new post processor unlocks faster and more accurate “art to part” FANUC CNC capabilities.

CNC Machine Simulation Software Supports 3D Interface to Verify, Simulate and Optimize NC Programs

CGTech’s Vericut software can now read in GDML files with 3DLive, which enables users to easily obtain machine-specific information and manually build digital twin machines.

Tips for Tackling Mold Design, Machining, Cutting Tool and Wear Challenges

Tips for tasks ranging from reducing risk in part design and taking advantage of five-axis machining to refining cutting tool performance and reducing wear with guiding and centering systems.

OPEN MIND Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of CAM Software Achievements

North American subsidiary reaches important milestone with hyperMILL CAD/CAM system, supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives and formidable consultation and services.


MMT Chats: Breaking Down Design, Data, and More

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with the program and sales manager for Michael Tool and Mold of Ontario Canada about mold design and data trends.

ToolRoom Software Supports Manufacturing of Complex Endmills

The support of new tool types with ANCA’s upgraded wizard-based BSB software improves productivity, lengthens tool life and makes for faster cycle times. 

MMT Chats: Lessons in Simulation

This mechanical engineer has a passion for simulation because he has spent most of his career working in injection molding and truly sees the value of detecting problems early in the design phase of a project.

Siemens, SAP Expand Partnership to Deliver Intelligent Service and Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

Cloud-based solutions close the loop between IT and OT systems through a model-based digital thread, enabling real-time business information, feedback and performance data over the entire product or asset lifecycle.

Wire EDM Module Streamlines Programming Process

HCL CAMWorks module offers a single-click model-to-G-code functionality, enhanced feature recognition for non-planar geometry, automatic angular wire threading and more.

Encoder Interface Enables Improved Machine Motion Control

The Heidenhain EnDat 3 interface is now available in ExI 1100 rotary encoders and offers users additional advancements.

Three Good Reasons to Switch from Three- to Five-Axis Machining in Moldmaking

Five-axis machining technology is a great tool in the moldmaker toolbox. 

Digital CNC System Enables Machine Tool Building Simulation Capabilities

Siemens’ digital native CAD system, Sinumerik One, enables mapping of the entire machine tool development process, with creation of a universal digital twin for product and production.

Five Key Aspects of a Basic Multi-Axis AM Programming Workflow and CAD/CAM/AM Tools

CAD, CAM and AM tools in the same software package and user interface ease programming for mold builders employing additive manufacturing operations.