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OSG is a leading manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools.

3 Tools No Mold Makers Should be Without:

PHOENIX® PFB Indexable Ballnose End MillThe PHOENIX® PFB series is known to be the most accurate indexable ballnose end mills in the mold making industry.


The EXOPRO® PHX end mill series is designed specifically for mold makers to achieve improved quality, cost savings and delivery times with their existing equipment.


OSG’s premium high performance carbide end mills, the EXOCARB® WXL® and WXS®, are exclusively designed for rigidity and performance in even the toughest materials and milling applications.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

End Mill Cutting Tools Optimized for Dynamic Steel Milling

End Mill Cutting Tools Optimized for Dynamic Steel Milling
OSG’s HY-PRO CARB VGM end mills and the A Brand AE-H advanced performance carbide end mill achieve longer tool life, optimum heat resistance and a host of other advantages. 

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 2
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from OSG USA Inc., Hasco America, Inc., Best Tool & Engineering Company Inc., the American Mold Builders Association , Cheto Corporation and Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Cutting Tools Ideal for Surface Accuracy

Cutting Tools Ideal for Surface Accuracy
OSG USA Inc. releases two-flute high-precision finishing long neck carbide ball end mill series for high-hardness steels.

Mitsubishi Electric new SV12P Sinker EDM

MC Machinery Introduces New EDM Machines and More at National Open House
Focus on new EDM technologies and milling strategies shows attendees how they can optimize production.

Baker Industries 3D printing with ABS

The Most Viewed Products of 2018
MoldMaking Technology wraps up the year by showcasing the most-viewed products of 2018.

OSG USA A Brand cutting tools

Get Your “A Brand” On at OSG USA for a Chance to Win
OSG USA has brought its A-game to IMTS by putting a spotlight on its A Brand of cutting tools.

Tungaloy TungFeedQuad cutting tool for die and mold machining

Accuracy and Surface-Finish Needs Drive Cutting-Tool Solutions
Cutting-tool suppliers are using advanced coatings, new thread designs, education and collaboration to help moldmakers maximize results.

Walter MD133 Supreme milling cutter

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Cutting Tools
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including cutting tools.

AI-Rock from Alpha Laser

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at Amerimold 2018, Part 7
Amerimold 2018 is next week! Is your schedule booked? Are your bags packed? Check out this week’s slideshow to see some of what will be on display at the show. 

A Brand line from OSG USA

Drill Has Coating to Facilitate Chip Evacuation
The Exocarb ADF enables one-step drilling to simplify machining time and tool management.

AMBA Chicago Supplier Night 2018

Successful Supplier Nights Help "Mold" Careers
The Chicago Chapter of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) recently hosted its fourth successful supplier night fundraiser that continues to provide much-needed support for promoting careers in moldmaking.

OSG USA makes donation to schools with advanced manufacturing programs

Chicago Area Companies Give Students a "Tooling Start"
Moldmaking industry suppliers and shops support advanced manufacturing curricula in Chicago area high schools by donating products and scholarships.

OSG USA professionals and scholarship winners

OSG Announces “Shaping Your Dreams” Scholarship Winners
On February 7, 2018, OSG USA Inc. recognized the recipients of its inaugural “Shaping Your Dreams” scholarship program.

Apprentice learning to polish an injection mold.

2017: Gone but Not Forgotten
I wish to thank everyone I’ve worked with to write features that have appeared each month in MMT. Plus, a look at a series of features about one of my favorite topics: Workforce development.

a SLA hand shown on the platform in a SLA machine

Top-Viewed Articles on MMT
Click through the slideshow to see which topics have been of particular interest to the MMT community over the years.

Students in Intro to Product Development class at University of California, Berkeley

Supplier-Based Training Programs Fuel Mold Industry Needs
Moldmaking industry supplier companies establish workforce development programs to increase the flow of new talent for themselves and for the industry. 

CAD CAM software

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Software
Looking for software solutions? The choices seem endless, and MMT is a great place to begin your search.

Manufacturing Day is an Opportunity for our Industry

Manufacturing Day is an Opportunity for our Industry
How are you celebrating our national day, Manufacturing Day, this year? October 7 marks the fifth year since Manufacturing Day was established in the US, Canada and Mexico, and the mold manufacturing industry should embrace the opportunity to spread the message that moldmaking is cool!

3D machining

Machining 3D Parts
For most of the 3D machining required in moldmaking, there are essentially seven steps necessary to achieve the desired results in terms of shape, finish and cycle time.

Amerimold 2015 Bringing You In-Depth Workshops

Amerimold 2015 Bringing You In-Depth Workshops
New this year, Amerimold Expo's technical conference program is offering two half-day workshops for a deeper dive into programming 3D parts and strategies for making mold maintenance profitable.

Deep 3D Cavities and Cores with Long Tooling
A new approach to machining deep 3D cavities and cores.

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