Manufacturing Day is an Opportunity for our Industry



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This is a section of a marketing flyer that can be used to promote a Manufacturing Day event. It was developed by Manufacturing Day sponsors and partners.


How are you celebrating our national day, Manufacturing Day, this year? October 7 marks the fifth year since Manufacturing Day was established in the US, Canada and Mexico, and the mold manufacturing industry should embrace the opportunity to spread the message that moldmaking is cool!

The Manufacturing Institute, which is one of the co-producers of Manufacturing Day, says the national event was created for the purpose of answering a dire need: the ever-present skills shortage. Studies show the way to do this is by holding events that dispel students’, educators’ and parents’ misperceptions about the industry and illustrate the variety of viable careers available.

I should mention that the other sponsors of Manufacturing Day include the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association; National Association of Manufacturers; and National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Additionally, Deloitte is the source of several studies having to do with the skills gap and the effect that Manufacturing Day activities have on those who attend them. According to the Manufacturing Institute, one conclusion drawn from the firm’s recent perception survey, said, “Manufacturers need to engage people through community, educational and government programs in order to improve the perception of the U.S. manufacturing industry.” (Access more detailed 2015 event survey results here.)

So let’s do this, moldmakers! Even if October 7 is just around the corner, many manufacturing companies are using the month of October and even November to schedule open houses, plant tours, block parties (some companies are partnering with neighboring manufacturers!) and even webinars. Truth be told, events like these can be held any time of year – the sky is the limit for how you can reach out and connect with folks who need to discover modern, advanced manufacturing. Remember to invite your local members of congress and your state representatives, too.

The Manufacturing Day website is a great resource for companies looking to prepare for and host events in their communities. Just look under the “resources” menu item for ideas and tips for getting started. You’ll also find a calendar filled with events that are being held this year and can search for specific companies and organizations or just look to see who is participating in your state or across the country. I found the American Mold Builders Association’s Chicago Chapter under Illinois, as well as OSG USA, Caterpillar, Davies Molding, the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, Fisher Unitech, GF Machining Solutions, Mold-Tech Midwest and many more.

If you’re planning a Manufacturing Day event, please let me know. Snap some photos and send them to me and tell me about your event. Don’t miss this clear opportunity to proudly strut your stuff.

Happy Manufacturing Day!