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Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is the world's largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry.

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Husky Launches Interactive, Digital Experience
Experience Husky, a two-day digital experience taking place Jan. 13-14, 2021, will give attendees the opportunity to engage and network with Husky experts.

Adaptive PET Preform Mold Meets Fluid Production Requirements

Adaptive PET Preform Mold Meets Fluid Production Requirements
To meet continuously changing consumer demands, Husky highlights the NexPET system which supports a wider variety of applications, more SKUs, shorter production runs and more frequent design changeovers.

How to Use Hot Runner Balance in Mold Qualification

How to Use Hot Runner Balance in Mold Qualification
If you are interested in the impact of system and hot runner balance on part quality, the causes of unbalanced hot runner systems and short shot parts, the procedure for measuring system balance and the impact of application specifics on system and hot runner balance expectations, then tune into this on-demand webinar.

Valve Gate Nozzle Offers Exceptional Wear Resistance

Valve Gate Nozzle Offers Exceptional Wear Resistance
Adding to Husky Injection Molding Systems’ Ultra Helix Valve Gate nozzle lineup, the Ultra Helix 250 T2’s advanced design minimizes wear, provides high gate quality and longevity. 

Customizable Mold Controller Meets Adaptive Equipment Needs

Customizable Mold Controller Meets Adaptive Equipment Needs
Husky Injection Molding Systems’ most recent Altanium Neo5 mold controller provides a Basic and Advanced setting to tailor to an operator’s specific needs and skill level. 

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 3
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from Heidenhain Corporation, Allied Machine & Engineering, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Precise Tooling Solutions, Progressive Components, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales and DME.

Mold Controllers with Virtual Network Computing Enables Remote Access

Mold Controllers with Virtual Network Computing Enables Remote Access
Husky Injection Molding System’s Altanium mold controllers are now available with virtual network computing (VNC) options.

Husky Appoints Customer Success Management Organization Leader
Husky Injection Molding Systems announces the appointment of Tony Black to the position of president, customer success management.

Revisiting Some Hot Runner Fundamentals
What exactly does a hot runner do? If you’ve been in the injection molding industry for any length of time, you might think the answer is obvious, but it is not.

Noteworthy News: Growth Spurts

Noteworthy News: Growth Spurts
From new facilities dedicated to automation, training and distribution to new hires eager to tackle building relationships through providing excellent customer service, the industry innovators below are growing all across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Noteworthy News: Giving Back

Noteworthy News: Giving Back
It’s a time for giving thanks, so send a shout out to companies like DMG MORI, Big Kaiser, Mazak Corp., Mitutoyo America Corporation, Husky Injection Molding Systems and more for giving back to their communities and industry!

Husky Highlights Commitment to Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Husky Injection Molding Systems highlights its commitment to sustainable packaging solutions for future generations.

Noteworthy News: Congrats are in Order

Noteworthy News: Congrats are in Order
From anniversaries to new hires to awards, MoldMaking Technology has the latest news in industry success stories.

Husky Announces Organizational and Leadership Changes
Husky Injection Molding Systems announces organizational and leadership changes to its hot runners, controllers and medical business.

tool bench

Getting Hot and Heavy during a Little Hot Runner Training
If a mold is the heart of a molding system, then the hot runner system is the heart of a hot runner mold, and I recently learned that there is a lot to know when it comes to designing and maintaining these systems to ensure optimal mold and part quality and performance.

Tech Trends: K 2019 Sneak Peek, Part 4
Here’s just a quick sneak peek at some of products exhibitors like Husky, Frigel, Barnes Molding Solutions brands and Hasco will be displaying in their booths at K 2019.

Injection Molding Solutions Designed to Meet Global Demands for Plastic Production
Husky Injection Molding Systems will feature solutions for every market need, focusing on new, innovative technologies that meet the changing global demands of plastic producers at K 2019.

Tooling Technologies Offer Value, Productivity and Flexibility
Husky will be running its new HyPET HPP5e system at K 2019, designed to delivering better energy savings, system reliability, preform quality and user friendliness.

Tech Trends: K 2019 Sneak Peek, Part 1
Though K 2019 is only a month away, we here at MoldMaking Technology want to give you a sneak peek at the types of products you’ll see from its exhibitors, right here.

MoldTrax LLC Hot Runner Extravaganza 2019 classroom

MoldTrax Hot Runner Extravaganza Delivers on Expertise and Education
The “Who’s Who” in processing and hot runner technologies turned out to educate attendees with well-honed wisdom and experience.

Husky's Mexico World Tour Event Reinforced Commitment to Customers
On May 15, 2019, Husky Injection Molding Systems hosted a one-day Husky World Tour event in Santa Fe, Mexico that demonstrated the company’s strong commitment to the region’s customers and dynamic market.

Product Categories of Husky Injection Molding Systems

Hot Halves
Hot Runner Manifolds
Hydraulic Valve Gate Nozzles
Mechanical Valve Gate Nozzles
Mold Bases and Frames
Mold Flow and Simulation Software
Pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzles
Servo Valve Gate Nozzles
Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
Thermal Edge Gate Nozzles
Thermal Hot Tip Nozzles
Thermal Multi-Gate Nozzles
Valve Gate Controllers
Valve Gate Sequencers