Customizable Mold Controller Meets Adaptive Equipment Needs

Husky Injection Molding Systems’ most recent Altanium Neo5 mold controller provides a Basic and Advanced setting to tailor to an operator’s specific needs and skill level. 


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Altanium Neo5 mold controller

To meet adaptable equipment needs in a constantly evolving injection molding environment, Husky Injection Molding Systems highlights its Altanium Neo5 mold controller with fully customizable Basic and Advanced operation modes.

These operation modes enable operators to tailor a substantial range of features to their specific operational needs and skill level. Accordingly, each user can be assigned an individual profile, which can then be configured based on what mode they need. Once the profile setup is complete, operators will only see features associated with their user profile when they are logged on. This customization results in a lower learning curve and faster start-up, as users no longer need to worry about extra buttons and features that are not required to perform their daily tasks.

Further, integrating the Altanium Neo5 mold controller into the molding process is said to ensure optimal mold temperature control from what Husky says is one of the industry's smallest controller footprints. With a powerful, yet simple user interface that reduces the learning curve, the Altanium Neo5 helps lower training costs and mold personnel into more confident, reliable operators.