Compatibility Makes Technology Upgrade a No-Brainer

The ability to employ previous-generation tooling is just one of many notable features of Husky's latest PET preform injection molding system.


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Like the rest of Husky’s HyPET line, the HPP5 is a fully integrated work cell that integrates the hot runner, mold, machine, robot and post-mold cooling.

I’m an iPhone guy. And although I love my phone, the primary reason I chose Apple over other manufacturers is because my fiancé had one before me. I liked the idea of syncing calendars and so forth—and particularly, sharing chargers. Shortly after I got my iPhone 4S, however, she upgraded to the 5, which features a new charger that isn’t compatible with my previous-generation device (not to mention either of our iPads).

For us, this is just a minor inconvenience, but the same basic issue can become a real problem if we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of production equipment. I’d bet most forward-thinking manufacturers would agree that upgrading technology is key to staying competitive, but this isn’t such a simple proposition when the latest and greatest doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the operation.  

Having seen shops struggle with equipment compatibility before, I was particularly struck by one supplier’s attention to this issue while sitting in on a recent webinar. That presentation marked Husky Injection Molding Systems’ introduction of the HyPET HPP5, the latest model in its line of complete PET preform molding systems. Via simplified, cross-generation mold compatibility packages, the system enables users to employ molds from previous-generation Husky products to manufacture a complete product range while preserving valuable floor space. According to the company, this makes the system particularly useful for customers that already have a large installed base of tooling.

While convenient, compatibility alone is no reason to upgrade. The new system offers a great deal more than that, including various performance and flexibility enhancements, an easier-to-use HMI, improved maintenance and features to extend mold life. The company details all of these features in a series of videos and brochures accessible here.