Matt Danford Senior Editor

Matt joined the MMS team in 2006 after graduating from Ohio University (Bobcats, not Buckeyes!) with a B.S. degree in Journalism. Since then, MMS's senior editor has been traveling the country (and the world) to see manufacturing technology in action and to learn as much as possible from those who design and use it. With experience ranging from managing case study and industry news sections to feature writing and editing to event coverage, photography and engaging on social media, Matt is eager for any opportunity to spread wisdom that can help North American manufacturers succeed.

In 2019, Matt began writing a monthly column covering topics related to data-driven manufacturing. Other topics of particular interest include shop management, cutting tools, and moldmaking.


Additive Manufacturing

Moldmaking Water-Flow Simulation Makes 3D-Printing Practical

By: Matt Danford

Virtual prove-outs prove the worth of stirring things up, both within the cooling channels of individual molds and in the plastics industry at large.


Pursuing Perfection with Cold-Formed Cavities

By: Matt Danford

A unique process for creating mirror-finish, tubular insert IDs has broken bottlenecks and driven this moldmaker to expand capabilities and raise quality standards.

Same Role, Bigger Stage

By: Matt Danford

The acquisition of this toolmaker completes a large injection molding operation's capablilities for concept-to-carton services.

Additive’s Moldmaking Potential

By: Matt Danford

Mazak’s recent “Discover” event shed light on potential applications for metal-cutting machine tools with integrated laser-cladding heads.

EDM Features Longer Travels, Improved Wire Threading

By: Matt Danford

Sodick's latest wire EDM, showcased at a recent open house event, also features linear motors, custom base ceramics and other features common to the company's entire line.

A Mold Shop OEM

By: Matt Danford

Years of helping customers save time and money in liquid silicone rubber (LSR)—a material that involves very different considerations from plastics—has led this shop to develop its own product line.
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New Era, Same Winning Formula

By: Matt Danford

This company succeeds by staying up-to-date on technology and being willing to do a bit extra in the name of customer service.

The LSR Learning Curve

By: Matt Danford

This increasingly popular thermoset material follows very different rules than any plastic.
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Paying it Forward: A Legacy of Due Diligence

By: Matt Danford

Leveraging years of experience in production molding, this toolmaker strives to pass on a tradition of well-documented, investigative maintenance to trainees and customers alike.

Cooling Time Becomes Productive

By: Matt Danford

A different take on stack tooling is helping this mold manufacturer provide substantial time and cost savings for increasing numbers of customers.

A Different Kind of Specialist

By: Matt Danford

This mold manufacturer has committed to letting machine operators write their own CAM programs.

Preparing to Automate

By: Matt Danford

One of the many presentations at Makino's recent Technology Expo covered die/mold automation. Here are a few takeaways on things to think about early in any implementation.