Ejector Pin Guarantees Fast and Targeted Ventilation

Meusburger’s E 1770 is a solution developed to guarantee minimum effort for customers and to avoid the “diesel effect” during the injection process.


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Meusburger ejector pin for ventilation

Meusburger has recently developed a new solution in the area of ventilation and ejectors, including its E 1770 ejector pin for ventilation which is said to guarantee a fast and targeted ventilation of the cavity via the ejector pin. The ventilation surfaces along the entire shaft length make it possible to cut the ejector to the required length. The shaft’s g6 tolerance also aids in excellent guidance of the ejector. 

In addition, the company’s new ejector pin for ventilation is said to help avoid the “diesel effect,” a venting problem that occurs when the air cannot escape fast enough via mold parting surfaces, venting channels or the ejector clearance. Towards the end of the injection process, the air is compressed in a very short time and is thus heated up considerably. This can result in very high temperatures, which can cause burn marks on the plastic.

During the mold designing process, it is not always clear whether there will be problems with ventilation. To deal with this uncertainty, Meusburger says its E 1770 can be used right from the beginning, guaranteeing minimum effort for customers.

The E 1770 ejector pin is available in the ejector configurator and can be individually configured with the CAD data available immediately.