Grace Nehls Assistant Editor

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Miami University in Oxford, OH, Grace Nehls joined the CompositesWorld team in April 2020 as assistant editor. She has been an editorial intern for two independent publishing presses and marketing director for one of Miami’s magazine publications. 


Upcoming MoldTrax Certification Courses Offer In-Depth Training, Improved Practices

By: Grace Nehls

Sessions running Nov. 17-20, 2020 and Dec. 1-4, 2020, cover mold and hot runner maintenance and repair training.  

Cutting Tools

Technology Showcase: Cutting Tools Round Up

By: Grace Nehls

Take a look at some of the cutting tool products and services MMT recently highlighted online and in its upcoming September print issue. 


Using Mold Release Agents to Maintain Mold Care

By: Grace Nehls

Running with this month’s sourcing guide, including today’s focus on mold maintenance, repair and surface treatment, MMT presents a deeper dive into some mold release agent suppliers and products.