Expanded Hot Runner Nozzle Series Focuses on Melt Guidance

Meusburger’s offers its expanded smartFILL nozzle series focusing on melt guidance.


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Meusberger smartFILL nozzle expanded series

Meusburger presents innovations in hot runner field with its expanded number of versions of the smartFILL nozzle series under the PSG product brand.

The novel hot runner nozzle series focuses on melt guidance and easy maintenance and is now complemented by the pneumatic and hydraulic operating unit for valve gate nozzles. Suitable for processing technical and filled plastic types, and direct gating or gating to a cold runner, the concept of heating right up to the injection point is said to ensure a homogeneous temperature profile, which in turn guarantees high component quality. A spiral/wedge clamping makes for a quick and easy heater change, and small cavity distances are possible via a small fitting dimension of Ø19. The hot runner nozzles can be used for shot weights from 0.5 grams up to 2,500 grams.

With its variety of nozzle lengths, melt channel diameters and gate geometries, the smartFILL series is now offered in the large 4557 and the small 4019 versions. Nozzles are also available in the variations smartFILL (slide seal), smartFILL Shot (screwed in) or smartFILL Shot Single (single application) as well as gate types including ring gate RT, DRT, DRT-L and valve gate NZ, DNZ and DNZ-L. 

Compatible with the smartFILL nozzle series, the pneumatic (DP, 53 by 63) and hydraulic (MH, 24 by 55) operating units for valve gate nozzles are new in the series range. With the pneumatic operating unit, the pin is opened and closed via the clamping plate using compressed air. Even with individual actuation of each nozzle, tight inside dimensions are possible for both units, improving these operating units’ suitability for use in conjunction with the 19 and 27 nozzle sizes in the smartFILL series.