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Published: 8/20/2018

Poco Graphite Expands EDM Support Team

Poco Graphite announces an addition to its EDM team. 

Published: 5/24/2018

Sodick Celebrates the Grand Opening of its North American Headquarters

Grand Opening for VIP’s with a Japanese flair showcases Sodick’s new machining and 3D printing technologies.

Published: 10/3/2017

GF Machining Solutions to Acquire Software Company

As a part of a strategy to digitalize its offerings, GF Machining is acquiring the software company Symmedia.

Published: 7/7/2017

Poco Graphite Increases Manufacturing Capacity for High-Performance Materials

Additional facility addresses growth demands for premium graphite products

Published: 6/5/2017

MC Machinery Systems Officially Opens New Headquarters

Last week, MC Machinery Systems Inc. officially opened its new, larger headquarters in Elk Grove Village and here's a slideshow of some of the notable features there.

Published: 4/25/2017

New Machines to be Featured at GF Machining Solutions Open House

GF Machining Solutions will introduce seven brand new machines – two of which will be the heavy-duty AgieCharmilles CUT P 350/550/850 wire EDMs and the highly precise Mikron MILL P 900 vertical mill – at its upcoming Solutions Days event June 6 – 7 ...

Published: 3/27/2017

GF Machining Solutions Appoints New Head of Sales for Central Region

GF Machining Solutions recently named Stephan Swanson as its new head of sales in the Central region of the United States.

Published: 2/10/2017

Gorski to head GF Machining Solutions' Sales in West

GF Machining Solutions has named Martin Gorski as its new head of sales in the West region of the United States.

Published: 2/2/2017

Makino Expands SST Consumables Business in Merger with Global EDM Supplies

Merger provides enhanced customer support, broader geographic presence and greater product diversity to SST

Published: 11/10/2016

Marius Petean Named Ona Electroerosion’s Key Account Manager

Located at the home office of ONA Electroerosion, S.A. in Durango Spain, Petean is the Key Account Manager for Aerospace, Energy and Defense markets globally.