EDM Speeds Up Additive Part Separation, Preserves Part Integrity

GF Machining Solutions announces the AgieCharmilles Cut AM 500, a horizontal wire EDM designed to complement metal additive manufacturing.


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GF Machining Solutions announces the AgieCharmilles Cut AM 500, a horizontal wire EDM designed to complement metal additive manufacturing (AM). The EDM quickly separates additively manufactured metal parts from the build plate while maintaining geometrical accuracy and ensuring assembly readiness.

The EDM is a fast, precise, affordable and automation-ready alternative to the use of standard EDM equipment or a band saw to separate additively manufactured parts from build plates. In addition to improving overall efficiency, the EDM also resolves a number of quality barriers, including but not limited to geometric inaccuracy, loss of workpiece material (kerf) and damage to the part. Ideal for risk-averse industries, such as aerospace and medical technology, the Cut AM 500 maintains the integrity of the part by avoiding part contamination and damage.

A complementary technology, the EDM works seamlessly alongside other GF Machining Solutions’ and 3D Systems’ scalable, workflow-optimized solutions such as the DMP Factory 500, DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350.

The CUT AM 500 uses 0.2 mm diameter wire to separate additively manufactured parts from the build platform at a maximum cutting speed of 300 mm2/m. It delivers ±0.1 mm accuracy and surface roughness of less than 6 µm. The EDM blends a horizontal wire orientation, a rotary axis and an integrated basket to catch separated parts. This combination creates a robust process, which supports the part, allows for easy part handling, prevents part damage and offers full automation readiness.

The EDM’s rapid wire technology, together with the machine’s generator, ensures the fastest EDM process and the most reliable separation of additively manufactured parts with specific support structures. Low running costs are enabled by the machine’s fast wire technology and double wire spool concept.

The layout of the CUT AM 500 is designed to accommodate the integration of a clamping system for easier clamping and referencing. As additive manufacturing evolves into mass production, automated AM processes will be needed. System 3R, a GF Machining Solutions brand, specializes in tooling, automation and software and offers in-house expertise and technology to drive manufacturers’ future success in AM.


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