Milling, Wire and Sinker EDM Equipment Optimizes Production

MC Machinery features several of the company’s innovative milling, wire and sinker EDM equipment.


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MC Machinery features several of the company’s innovative milling, wire and sinker EDM equipment.

Capable of simultaneous five-axis machining, the OPS Ingersoll Eagle V5 five-axis milling machine is built for rigidity and fine precision. The machine is built with a 42,000 rpm, integrated spindle, a heavy-duty, roller-type linear glass scales in both the X and Y-axis. It also comes standard with a Heidenhain iTNC-530 control unit mounted on a moveable pedestal for convenient positioning.

Built for general-purpose or intricate milling work, the DV800 CNC milling machine includes a 15,000 rpm direct drive, Big Plus spindle. The machine includes the Mitsubishi M80A Series control with a 15-inch touchscreen with cell phone-like functionality and 135,000 block per minute calculation speed.

The EA12S Advance Sinker EDM features an advanced Mitsubishi control, the M700 with a 15-inch touchscreen. The machine’s unique FP89S energy-saving power supply reduces electrical consumption 20% more than the previous FP generation. GF2 adaptive control reduces electrode wear as much as 80%, while the new SS Jump 5 optimizes acceleration to stabilize high-sped, no-flush burning.

Ideal for small-part manufacturing, the MV1200-S Advance M800 wire EDM sinker system includes powerful standard features like auto-threading, internal machine communication and power supply control technology. Another step in Mitsubishi EDM’s continued focus on improvement, the machine includes the revolutionary M800 series control with a 19-inch cell phone-like touchscreen control with common shape macros that can reduce programming by as much as 88%.


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