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Noteworthy News: Winning Streak
Everyone loves a success story, so take a moment to appreciate and applaud a few from the moldmaking community with the following news releases.

ORDERFOX.com Awarded "Marketplace for the CNC Industry" Seal of Approval
In awarding this “Marketplace for the CNC Industry” seal of approval through its subsidiary BMEnet GmbH, the professional buyer’s association BME confirms that Orderfox.com meets the test criteria in terms of usability, quality and security.

ORDERFOX.com Introduces Order and Quote Management System
With Orderfox.com’s new order and quote management system, buyers and manufacturers can significantly optimize and simplify their processes to become more efficient.

ORDERFOX.com Partners with CNC Jobs, Inc.
Orderfox.com announces a partnership with CNC Jobs, Inc. to provide additional benefits to existing members and the global manufacturing community through Orderfox.com’s recently launched Career Center.

ORDERFOX.com Partners with Mikron Machining
Mikron Machining, the ORDERFOX.com machinery exchange new machine partner, produces productive manufacturing systems and machine tools.

post a job web page

ORDERFOX.com Career Center is Open
ORDERFOX.com’s Career Center is designed with filter functions such as title, professional field, employment type and country, so that applicants can find suitable jobs.

Heidenhain Visual Setup Control system

Automation and Connectivity Drive Machine-Tool Innovations
Machine tool and EDM suppliers are advancing their offerings to include automation, better controls, machine monitoring and new five-axis capabilities.

OrderFox.com screenshot

OrderFox.com and Celeritive Technologies Form Partnership
As with the recently announced cooperation with Autodesk, Celeritive Technologies is partnering with OrderFox.com to bring benefits to industry-related companies.

Machinery Exchange webpage

OrderFox.com Launches Machinery Exchange
OrderFox.com developed a new feature that will provide value to platform users researching, advertising and selling and buying machines.

the orderfox.com landing page

OrderFox and Autodesk Form a Collaboration to Benefit Users
OrderFox.com says it has formed a collaboration with Autodesk to make visualization and procurement even easier for its customers.

Orderfox.com calendar feature

Orderfox Adds Global Event Calendar to Its Platform
Orderfox.com says that the compilation and upload of an event can be done easily and intuitively in just a few steps, and community members can export the dates directly into their own calendar.

Map screen shot of OrderFox.com

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
With current business levels and the positive projections for the coming year, moldmakers are going to be busy, if they aren’t already. To keep pace with those levels, outsourcing becomes a viable option to consider. I’ve recently been introduced to a free online platform that may help moldmakers find that right CNC production partner with more than 269,000 qualified participants in its online community.

screenshot of a search results page using Orderfox’s U.S. site

Orderfox.com Launches US Site
Orderfox.com now provides a localized website to increase ease-of-use for U.S. moldmakers looking to advertise or hire CNC manufacturing services.

Professionals gather around a computer with Orderfox interface at EMO 2017

Marketplace Connects Companies Offering CNC Work with the Right Suppliers
Orderfox.com is a global, digital marketplace that leverages company profiles and a search engine to connect CNC work with CNC suppliers.

OrderFox.com Helps Shops Compete in an Online Marketplace
OrderFox.com is an online platform for the CNC industry, connecting CNC manufacturers, buyers and their suppliers on a global scale.

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