Orderfox.com Launches US Site

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Orderfox.com now provides a localized website to increase ease-of-use for U.S. moldmakers looking to advertise or hire CNC manufacturing services.

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Orderfox Ag provides companies a digital solution to compete within the global community. Orderfox.com is a global network for CNC manufacturers and buyers. American community members can find and place CNC jobs both within the United States and globally with a localized website and imperial measuring system.

Orderfox.com feels that the key to true growth is through localization. With that strategy in place, Orderfox.com is taking steps to make sure that every country is represented with not only its local language, but also its local measuring system and content.

Community members in the United States can now access English content and videos on the new Orderfox platform, and they can access a mapping system for effective and customized searches within the United States. In addition, all click-point selections and multiple-choice details on Orderfox.com are adapted for more efficient use locally.

Orderfox.com is a search platform that connects CNC manufacturers, buyers and related entities with production partners. It does not charge a user fee or take a percentage of new business. Orderfox aims to facilitate useful connections to help companies grow. More about the Orderfox marketplace product is available in the product section.



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