Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

With current business levels and the positive projections for the coming year, moldmakers are going to be busy, if they aren’t already. To keep pace with those levels, outsourcing becomes a viable option to consider. I’ve recently been introduced to a free online platform that may help moldmakers find that right CNC production partner with more than 269,000 qualified participants in its online community. 


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Several of the major plastics processing drivers that Gardner Intelligence tracks indicate that the moldmaking industry can expect additional growth in both the short and the long term. That means, moldmakers are going to be busy, if they aren’t already. To keep pace with those levels, to continue to grow your business and to avoid turning business away, sourcing becomes a viable option to consider.  I’ve recently been introduced to a free online platform that can help moldmakers find that right production partner when and where they need it.

“Simply put, ORDERFOX.com is the Internet for the CNC industry,” ORDERFOX.com’s President Brian J. Smith says. “We are a free platform that connects industrial companies with the right production partners, both on local and global scales. We can help bridge the gap for a company that has a need, and connect them with a company that can fulfill that need, all based on the platform’s intelligent filter functions. It can be used as needs-based, for research, or even as part of your operations and growth strategy.”

There are more than 269,000 qualified participants within the online community, a number that tallies live on the Website’s homepage. Companies can register for free, enter all of their information and find the right production partners here or abroad, based on specific needs. For example, with the intelligent filter functions, a mold builder can specify companies with the necessary certifications, machinery and even geographic location.

ORDERFOX.com provides a pathway to access.

Some current features include a Privacy Mode, whereby all information can be input, but the company identity remains anonymous until they determine it is time to reveal it to their production partner directly. This can serve as a safety measure for companies that have sensitive, proprietary projects. Other features include detailed company profile capabilities 100-percent managed on your own, where you can upload any information you like. For example, company overviews, brochures, videos and certifications. This can all be done easily by dragging and dropping.

For those concerned about security, ORDERFOX.com incorporates the latest encryption for confidential documentation. Another feature is that it provides the ability to label companies as “Preferred Partners,” that get job requests delivered straight to their inboxes for direct access and less vetting.

Also, ORDERFOX.com offers the option to “Blacklist” a company if service has been inadequate or you do not want a company knowing you are on the platform, for example. “By Blacklisting a company, this means that the company in question will not have access to anything that you communicate on ORDERFOX.com,” Smith says. Others functions under development, as per current ORDERFOX.com customer requests include a Knowledge and Trends area, a Used Machinery Exchange, a Forum and a Careers section. 

The profile mechanism stands out as the platform’s most important feature and accepts as much company information you desired, including company capabilities, machine fleet, brochures, videos, certifications, etc.  “The more information you put in your profile the better, as it will be easier for ORDERFOX.com to partner you up with companies that are geared towards your specific capabilities,” Smith explains.  “In addition, ORDERFOX.com does not sell your data, or offer it up to the highest bidder, it all stays confidential and is only available to those within the platform if you are not in Private Mode.”

Qualification of the community members is a big differentiator for ORDERFOX.com, according to Smith. They go through each and every company one by one, performing all the research necessary to ensure that each company is legitimate, and the right fit for the platform and community members.

ORDERFOX.com provides a pathway to access. “That means, if one of your machines breaks down while on a deadline, we can help connect you with a qualified CNC provider within the community, so you don’t lose the business or miss the deadline. Or, if you have capacity and want to seek out additional opportunities you can easily do that as well,” Smith says.

How a company works with and communicates with the community members is still in the hands of the user, ORDERFOX.com merely provides the right potential partners, based on the intelligent filter functions.  At the end of the day, it is still the responsibility of the user to make sure the matches fit their requirements, based on their own company policies and procedures, but ORDERFOX.com can reduce the timeline to get that done.

Check out this video series for more information on how to join and how to use ORDERFOX.com.