Spindle Head Offers Increased Stability on Milling Machine

Zimmermann designed the FZU five-axis gantry milling machine with the VH10 spindle head. The VH10 replaces the VH12, which is not a Zimmermann product.

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Zimmermann’s FZU five-axis gantry milling machine includes the new VH10 milling head, which achieves an extremely high-power density. The VH10 head replaces the VH12, which is not a Zimmermann product. Alongside the VH20, VH30 and VH60, the VH10 is the smallest head in the range. Zimmerman has spare head available upon request.

The slender design makes it possible for the VH10 spindle head to have only minimal interference contours. Compared to the VH12, it achieves almost double the clamping force. This is because Zimmermann fits two side cheeks instead of one onto the unit. Therefore, the VH10 is more stable in operation. In order to minimize throughput times, a powerful 34 kW spindle with a maximum speed of 24,000 rpm is used in the milling head as standard. The machine is particularly suitable for machining aluminum and casting resins like Ureol.

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