Injection Mold Machined Plates Boost Flexibility

Hasco’s P1 plates, machined on all sides, come in about 2000 additional variants in dimensions, thicknesses and materials.


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Hasco P1 plate

Photo Credit: Hasco

Hasco recently improved its P1 plates, which are machined on all sides and are said to fulfill all the requirements of modern moldmaking. Hasco offers at least 2000 additional variants of this plate in dimensions, thicknesses and materials for high flexibility. 

The P1 is noted for its precision and high-quality surface finish. All the plates are produced in European steel, with a parallelism of 0.02/100 mm and a peak to valley height of Rz 10 µm. According to Hasco, customers also benefit from an optimized processing allowance and from tolerances that are coordinated with current moldmaking production techniques.

Further, Hasco attaches great importance to the product’s availability; several thousand stress-relieved P1 plates are said to be ready for delivery from stock at all times, guaranteeing short delivery times. The P1 plates are now in stock in North America and Canada.

In addition to its P1 plates, Hasco has further developed its injection mold plate range for enhanced quality, availability and cost-efficiency. Materials 1.1730,1.2083, 1.2085, 1.2099HASCO M, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2343, 1.2343ESU, 1.2714HH and Toolox33 are included and supplied as certified steel.


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