Single Shot Nozzle Focuses on Efficiency, Low Cost, Functionality

The extended nozzle range for hot runners provides a wide range of nozzle variants to allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the molded part.


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Hasco extended single shot nozzle series

The Hasco nozzle range has recently been extended with the highly-efficient, and low-cost, Single Shot H6300 nozzle series. In developing the new series, Hasco’s focus was on compatible installation dimensions, optimum temperature control, functionality and a cost-optimized design. The many different nozzle variants are said to allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the molded part.

According to the company, the Single Shot nozzles can be used for all easy-to-process plastics, as well as engineering plastics and those with a low level of reinforcement. The nozzles come in two sizes and are suitable for the production of small- and medium-sized injection moldings with a shot weight of up to 800 g and immersion depths of up to 179 mm.

The interchangeability of the relevant wear parts, including tips and melt chambers and the separate thermocouple, facilitates easy servicing and maintenance. The heating unit, which is firmly pressed directly onto the body of the nozzle, has only one control circuit and guarantees a uniform temperature over the full length of the nozzle.

A range of torpedoes and screw-on melt chamber variants are at customer’s disposal. In addition to the classical pin gate, these also permit the nozzle geometry to be readily introduced into the cavity plate and, in the event of wear, allow rapid restoration of the gate quality. Extended melt chambers are available for gates to free-form surfaces or sub-runners with a sprue.

To ensure that the nozzles and nozzle tips are optimally aligned to the customer’s required application, hot runner customers receive worldwide support from the specialist advisers and application engineers at Hasco hot runner.